Hippa data recovery raid server failure

Colorado CyberKnife has adopted the “best-in-class” technologies (CyberKnife and Tomotherapy) to treat candidates for Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery as well or better than other treatment modalities (surgery, proton therapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, davinci, gammaknife,…) at a fraction of the cost.

Colorado CyberKnife experienced an IT crisis early one Friday Morning when their server stopped working. Data recovery hard drive software The server had experienced a hard crash, and this server was key to providing the patients the care they needed. Iphone 4 data recovery Usually in business, if a server goes down, the delays would cause a loss of income. Database logo While a loss of income is certainly not anyone would want to go through, the implications of this server crash would lead to incredibly disastrous results.

Moto g data recovery would result in a loss of patients data, which would lead to delays in treatment. Database analyst salary For a center that specialized in cancer treatment and care, lives were literally on the line. Data recovery engineer The Eboxlab team was immediately contacted. Gt m database We immediately put called for all hands on deck for this dilemma. In databases information is organized in The entire Eboxlab team is HIPPA certified and takes all the rules and regulations very seriously.

The first course of action was to recover all the data from the failing server. Data recovery tools iphone What added to this challenge was the fact that the server was based off of red hat Linux. A database driver is software that lets the Luckily our technicians are experienced in all forms of Linux, and with many certifications under our belts, we began to work on the machine. 7 data recovery suite key Regardless of the state of the operating system, since the data was so important to our client and to thousands of sick people, we immediately began the recovery process. Data recovery linux Data is too important to risk. Database modeling tools We worked around the clock and into the night to secure the data. G info database search After the data was successfully rescued, we began the process of evaluating the issues with the server. Database administrator salary After an extensive hardware and software diagnostics, we were able to identify that the RAID array became corrupted and worked to resolve it shortly afterwards. Database triggers This case was very time sensitive, so our technicians stayed at the lab late into the night in order to achieve success. Data recovery recuva The Eboxlab team moved swiftly and worked tirelessly to get the server back online so the patients would not experience a delay in their treatment.

In order to reduce the downtime, one team member personally delivered the server to Colorado CyberKnife in the morning. Data recovery texas He was able to get it up and running in a flash, and thanks to him and the entire Eboxlab team, many people who are undergoing cancer treatment were able to continue their procedures with little to no delay.