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Global financial markets gained through mid-January to begin 2017, discounting expectations for new policies from the Trump administration and PM May’s policies regarding Brexit implementation. Database 3nf example Global equity markets gained through mid-month led by Biotechnology, Technology and commodity sensitive, though broad based gains included most equity sectors. Data recovery hard drive software European equities were led by gains in Spain, UK and Germany, while Asian equities also gained. Iphone 4 data recovery US treasury yields fell, as bond prices partially recovered from the year end selloff, while the US Dollar pulled back against the British Pound Sterling on a combination of Trump strong dollar comments, as well as outlining to Brexit implementation policies by PM May. Database logo Metals commodities gained on the weaker dollar, led by Platinum, Copper and Aluminum; Agriculturals gained led by Coffee, Soybeans ad Sugar, while Energy commodities fell. Moto g data recovery Hedge funds posted gains through mid-January with the HFRX Market Directional Index rising +1.03% and the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index gaining +0.31% for the period.

HFRX Event Driven Index posted a gain of +1.15% through mid-January from gains in Special Situations equity and Distressed/Restructuring managers. Database analyst salary The HFRX Special Situations Index posted gain of +1.34% from core positioning in Yahoo, Alibaba, Penn West, ClubCorp, NXP Semiconductors and Reynolds American. Data recovery engineer The HFRX Distressed Index gained +0.69% through mid-month from exposure to the U.S. Gt m database Consumer, Industrial and Technology sectors. In databases information is organized in The HFRX Merger Arbitrage Index had a narrow decline of -0.12% with core exposures to Suffolk/People’s United Financial, Samsung/Harman Int. Data recovery tools iphone and Symantec/LifeLock transactions.

HFRX Equity Hedge Index posted a gain of +0.77% through mid-January as global equity markets rose through mid-month. A database driver is software that lets the The HFRX Fundamental Growth Index posted a gain of +1.62% from gains in Global Healthcare, Emerging Asia and Latin America exposure. 7 data recovery suite key The HFRX Fundamental Value Index posted a gain of +0.48% from gains in US large-cap in the Consumer, Technology and Communication sectors. Data recovery linux The HFRX Market Neutral Index gained +0.13% with gains from mean reverting, factor based strategies and fundamental managers.

HFRX Relative Value Arbitrage Index posted a gain of +0.51% through mid-January from gains in Convertible and Fixed Income strategies. Database modeling tools The HFRX Convertible Arbitrage Index gained +0.90% through mid-month as gains from declining yields were partially offset by declines in volatility. G info database search The HFRX RV: Multi-Strategy Index and the HFRX Fixed Income – Credit Index gained +0.44% and +0.30%, respectively, as yields declined modestly for the period.

HFRX Macro/CTA Index posted a decline of -1.80% through mid-January from systematic trend-following managers as Energy commodities declined, Metals and Agriculturals posted gains and the British Pound Sterling recovered from earlier declines while the USD declined against other major currencies.

All data and content on the HFR website and in the HFR Database products are for your informational and personal use only. Database administrator salary The total return data provided on the HFR website, the HFR Database products, and the reports generated from them are for internal, non-commercial use only. Database triggers The data is not sufficient, comprehensive enough or approved for use in connection with investment products or instruments. Data recovery recuva You may not copy, redistribute, sell, retransmit, or make the data available to a third party, or otherwise use it for any commercial or public purpose unless you have a separate written agreement with HFR. Data recovery texas You require a written license from HFR to use the HFR data, HFR marks and names and/or HFR Index names, including but not limited to use in connection with investment products and instruments (regardless of whether such products or instruments are based on, linked to or track an HFR Index), the name of investment products and instruments, in prospectuses, marketing and other materials publicly or commercially disseminated, benchmarking purposes, and any SEC, government or regulatory filings. Database resume Please contact HFR for additional information at: INDICES@HFR.COM