Gs-base download

GS-Base is a software application designed to help you organize your information into tables without having to possess previous database knowledge. Database 4500 It comes with an impressive set of built-in formulas useful for calculating field values, pivot tables for processing large amounts of data, as well as editing and formatting tools. Data recovery miami fl User interface

For those users accustomed to working with spreadsheets, the GUI comes as no surprise. Data recovery sd card It delivers a robust yet very practical and intuitive layout for a better management of different types of data, such as numbers, plain text fields, long formatted text documents, images and files.

Creating a new database proves to be a straightforward task that only requires from your part to enter a name, pick data type (text, number, long text, images/files), and enter user-defined fields. Uottawa database Additionally, you may import info from CSV, ZIP, TXT, TSV, TAB, HTML, XML or DBF file format. Top 10 data recovery software free download Database editing features

GS-Base gives you the possibility to add, delete and update fields, rearrange fields and tables, rename them, as well copy the information between different tables. Database query optimization Plus, you can make use of the drag-and-drop support for altering the position of the tables and fields within a table.

The tool lets you change the text in terms of font, color, style and alignment, insert date and time stamps, add new records, delete fields, undo or redo your actions, print the table, and add images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, ICO). Qmobile data recovery Pivot tables

One of the best options included on the feature list enables you to quickly get and visualize statistical information about your data, including counting, summarizing, sorting or finding partial maximum/minimum and mean values. No 1 data recovery software Other handy features and configuration settings to play with

GS-Base allows you to perform advanced searches for quickly identifying data within a table, sort items in an ascending or descending order, send emails to all found recipients or to the selected one, export data to PDF file format, look for duplicate items, and merge records.

When it comes to security options, you can password-protect the sensitive information included in the program with the aid of a master password.

Configuration settings allow you to specify an undo and redo level, pick the default text field filter (e.g. Data recovery iphone free regular expression, greater than, between) and pivot function (e.g. Database 11g sum of positive or negative values), choose the default file extension, show list of files attached to the database, and enable the automatic saving function. Data recovery thumb drive An efficient spreadsheet program

All in all, GS-Base proves to be a reliable database management program that comes with support for a handy analysis of data using pivot functionality and a rich set of formulas. Data recovery hardware tools The intuitive layout makes it suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience type.