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“Many : not conversant with mathematical studies, imagine that because it [the Analytical Engine] is to give results in numerical notation, its processes must consequently be arithmetical, numerical, rather than algebraical and analytical. Database host name S cerevisiae database This is an error. Database performance Mode s database The engine can arrange and combine numerical quantities as if they were letters or any other general symbols; and it fact it might bring out its results in algebraical notation, were provisions made accordingly.” Ada, Countess Lovelace, 1844

I simply do not understand how anyone could give this article a 1 – maybe a 4 if they had a good reason; however, this article is obviously worth more than a 1.

When someone put this much quality effort into an article and they receive 1’s – they are going to be reluctant to contribute again and the whole community will suffer.

If you have a disagreement, then make your point but if you slam work that is obviously of a high quality then you are going to motivate people to not contribute.

If you feel strongly about an issue, then make constructive criticism that can help the author to improve but don’t just slam a good article with all negative comments unless you want to make new authors reluctant to contribute quality articles.

I find it is very difficult to read and understand your articles, but I have just begun, so I will try to see if I can understand what you have written over the next few weeks. Data recovery broken hard drive Sybase database Some of the things you are trying to say don’t seem to translate very well. Database xe Database types I don’t understand your idea of “grandiose projects”.

Many thanks for your article as well as your Framework code examples. Database yml mysql Database testing I use this sort of mathematics on an almost daily basis and it is refreshing to see someone put such a massive amount of effort into this.

As stated in a previous post by someone, ‘common’ formulas, but I will add the note that they are common for people working in certain fields (Aerospace/Aeronautics, my own chosen field of work, is a good example, but there are more), you can not expect, for example, an accounting clerk to know these formulas or the theories behind them for that matter, however, they MAY be interested in this sort of subject, and I would say that this article, even if the English used is somewhat dodgy (Dr. 5 database is locked Database tutorial Ivankov is Russian, one can not really blame him for using somewhat dodgy English), is very ‘clean’ and easy to understand.

As for all the ‘votes of 1’, open your minds a little people, learn something new, think outside your usual ‘box’, expand your horizons, this is the sort of article that is aimed at teaching people something, if they are open to it. Database fundamentals Database transaction You don’t need code to understand the content of this article (considering it is now full of code, I assume those were added later), and while getting your ‘meal’ (read: code) served to you by someone and it is all ready to go is quite handy, one learns little to nothing. Database concepts Database triggers Personally I prefer to get ‘the general idea’, be it in article form or in code form, as this forces me to actually THINK about how to implement such code, and as thus, learn something new. Database icon Database tools Never consider code to be ‘fast-food’, while it is convenient to just plug it right into your project (saving time, and as thus cost, in a business scenario), also realize that one learns little to nothing about the code you may just have plugged into your production system, and I think everybody who ever experienced the sort of hassle that can potentially appear when bugs pop up and the code they show up in, is not your own (or company’s) understands this very well.

Dr. Database versioning Database technology Ivankov, if you want any assistance with the English language ‘problem’ (it is not really a problem, just perception by people, it is content that counts, but alas), I am willing to help out where needed.