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The tools can be accessed by choosing the menu Tools -> Tool Section -> Particular Tool . Database weekly Alternatively, you can browse the complete selection of available tools along with their brief descriptions in a Tool Selection dialog invoked by clicking the Tools icon on the toolbar.

This section contains tools which analyze and explore the database, but do not alter it. Data recovery utah The following analysis and exploration tools are currently available in Gramps:

• Rating : this gives you an idea of the resemblance between the two people. Data recovery deleted files The higher the ranking, the higher the chance that the people are duplicates.

Three buttons are present: Help brings you to this page, a Close to close the window which returns you to the Find Possible Duplicate People window and a Compare button to which brings up the Merge People window which was explained in detail in the Merge People Dialog.

Database health check Here you can select with the radio buttons one of the persons and eventually use the OK button to merge the data if you find the two persons are duplicates.

The aim is to have conventional capitalization: capital first letter and lower case for the rest of the family name. R studio data recovery software If deviations from this rule are detected, the candidates for fixing will be presented in the table.

Proceeding with this tool will erase the undo history for this session. Data recovery iphone In particular, you will not be able to revert the changes made by this tool or any changes made prior to it. Ease use data recovery If you think you may want to revert running this tool, please stop here and backup your database.

In different steps following IDs’ are reordered: Reordering People IDs’, Reordering Family IDs’, Reordering Event IDs’, Reordering Media Object IDs’, Reordering Source IDs’, Reordering Citation IDs’, Reordering Place IDs’, Reordering Repository IDs’ and finally Reordering Note IDs’.

Events appearing on the Event tab on a Person or Family Editor are not sorted in any particular order other than the order that the events were added. Free database software The reason for not enforcing any particular ordering, particularly ordering by date, is to allow for the situation where an event was known to have happened but the exact chronology is not. Raid 0 data recovery software Importing or merging data from an external source can lead to extra events being added to, but out of sequence with, the existing set of events of a person or family.

Events can be manually re-ordered by drag & drop or by use of the re-order buttons on the Events tab. Mail database Either way, an event can be moved up or down in the list of events and Gramps will remember the new order when the changes are saved. Hdata recovery master The new ordering will be used wherever events are shown elsewhere in Gramps, such as on a report.

The order of all events on a tab can also be changed by clicking a column title. In database For example, clicking the ‘Date’ column header will sort all the events in date order. Drupal 7 database query However this way of sorting events is temporary and changes to the event order are not preserved when the window is closed.

The drag and drop approach to sorting events is fine for moving a small number of events but is not practical for large scale changes. Data recovery usa The Sort Events tool has been designed specifically for this purpose, re-sorting all events in the database or just those associated with a targeted selection of people chosen by using a filter.

These tools allow batch operations on media objects stored in Gramps. Data recovery business An important distinction must be made between a Gramps media object and its file.

The Gramps media object is a collection of data about the media object file: its filename and/or path, its description, its ID, notes, source references, etc. Database visualization These data do not include the file itself.

The files containing image, sound, video, etc. Data recovery qatar exist separately on your hard drive. Data recovery no root These files are not managed by Gramps and are not included in the Gramps database. Database keywords The Gramps database only stores the path and file names.

These tools allow you to only modify the records within your Gramps database. Normalization in database If you want to move or rename the files then you need to do it on your own, outside of Gramps. Database 3nf Then you can adjust the paths using this tool so that the media objects store the correct file locations.

This tool allows replacing specified substring in the path of media objects with another substring. Database server This can be useful when you move your media files from one directory to another.

Selecting this radio button will bring up a Replace substring settings window where you can type in any string in the Replace text field and the With text field. Data recovery wd passport At any time you can click on the Cancel button or the Back button. Relational database management system Clicking the Forward button will bring up the Final confirmation window.

The Relationship Calculator when opened will list all people connected, but not necessarily related, to the person selected in the People view. Database generator You simply select the individual you wish to relate and the relationship will be shown in the lower panel. Database 3nf example Only blood relationships will display (except for husband-wife relationships). Data recovery hard drive software Currently “in-law” relationships cannot be displayed.

Basically, any two people are related if they have an ancestor in common. Iphone 4 data recovery One of these individuals may actually be an ancestor of the other – such as a great grandparent. Database logo Even in the cases of aunts and uncles, you still can calculate the relationship by searching for the common ancestor. Moto g data recovery In this case, the father or mother of the aunt or uncle will be a grandparent to the nephew or niece.

Basically, siblings (brothers and sisters) are only one generation down from the common ancestor. Database analyst salary Cousins (also called “first” cousins) are two generations down from the common ancestor. Data recovery engineer “Second” cousins are thus, three generations down from the common ancestor – and so on. Gt m database But when the two people are in different generations, the relationship becomes an aunt or uncle, if that person is only one generation down from the common ancestor. In databases information is organized in The reverse of an aunt and uncle is a nephew and niece.

After that, everyone is considered a “cousin”, but to indicate that they are not in the same generation we use the word “removed” to indicate the number of generations different between the two. Data recovery tools iphone For example, my father’s “first” cousin is also my “first” cousin but “once removed” (one generation difference between us). A database driver is software that lets the My fathers “first” cousin is my own child’s “first cousin twice removed” – two generations different.

For example, you may want to make sure that nobody in your database had children at the age of 98. 7 data recovery suite key Based on common sense, such a record would indicate an error. Data recovery linux However, it is not a consistency error in the database. Database modeling tools Besides, someone might have a child at the age of 98 (although this rarely happens). G info database search The Verify tool will display everything that violates your criteria so that you can check whether the record is erroneous or not. Database administrator salary The ultimate decision is yours.

Select this via the menu Tools->Utilities->Verify the Data… Database triggers you will get a Data Verify Tool window. Data recovery recuva The window has four tabs; General, Women, Men, Families. Data recovery texas Those tabs show a list with criteria and a input field where you can alter the criteria value. Database resume In the lists below I show some workable values.

Select the criteria you want to run the tool with from the following tabs. Data recovery external hard drive mac If you are OK with the criteria click the Run button (or hit Alt+ R and you will be presented with a Data Verification Results window.

The first check box: Estimate missing or inexact dates causes the tool to accept a baptism date if a birth date is not known, and to accept a burial date if a death date is not known. Database management systems In addition, starting in Gramps version 4.2.0, it also causes the tool to accept “inexact” dates (i.e., any “legal” Gramps date which is not a fully-specified one (with an explicit day and month and year)).