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Furthermore, the ranking of the country in the world by the CPI (Corruption Perception Index) is 72 meaning that there is a challenge of corruption (Transparency International, 2016). Yale b database About the countries in the in the EU According to the research I have carried, there are many countries which are against the EU out of the many issues it is suffering such as dictatorship in the union where many member nations do not have a say in the EU. Sybase database Such problems have made many member countries to propose referendums of leaving the group. Database design Britain is one of the major members of the EU seeking to quit from the group as to engage in its development. Database 3 normal forms According to Martin Armstrong, six countries are proposing to leave the EU and have independence and democracy.

Database for dummies These countries include; France, Netherland, Italy, Finland, Hungary and Austria (Martin Armstrong, 2016). A database is a collection of France is the second major player after the Germany in the EU and quitting would cause extra problems in the EU since the remaining countries will have to pay additional funds to the union as compensate the left spaces and to finance the Union activities (Jonathan, 2016). Library database The chart below shows the voting done by the countries to remain in the Union or not where 33% are voting to leave the union and 66% are in the EU.

MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES 5 Advantages and disadvantages inherent in the above option (of leaving the Union) There are several problems of acquiring a firm within the EU. Database node First, the cost of European Union membership is very high thus straining the member countries i.e. Data recovery after format 15bn Euros gross which is 0.06 % of the GDP. Database 2015 Moreover, there are inefficient policies in the Union which fail to balance all the sectors. Data recovery nyc As a result, the agricultural sector has been distorted by setting up minimum values on food. Database weekly The consequence of the same is to increase prices for the consumers and encourage over-supply. Data recovery utah As well, the same policy leads to transferring money from poor people to wealthy landowners. Data recovery deleted files Moreover, the net migration within the EU where there is free movement of labor among the members has resulted to overcrowding in the UK cities leading to congestion on roads and poor housing conditions. Database health check Last and not least, there is less democracy and more bureaucracy in the union (Svetli±i±, & Udovi±, 2009). R studio data recovery software The EU has excluded the local communities in the decision-making process and hence limiting the democracy of the members and encouraging dictatorship. Data recovery iphone Also, once a country has joined the Union, it becomes a problem to leave, and this usually lead to negative impacts on that particular country. Ease use data recovery There is also a communication barrier among the EU since they speak, unlike languages. Free database software Therefore, for the nation or a company to fit entirely to the Union, it must be a multi- linguistic which is tough to attain (Economics, 2015).