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Purchases of assault-type firearms, such as the AR-15 used in the feb. 14 mass shooting at a parkland, florida, high school, could be coming to an end in fulton county.

“I am calling on my fellow elected officials to join me in fighting back against the public threat of assault weapons, as children are dying and we have done nothing to stop it,” said robb pitts, chair (district 7 at-large) of the fulton board of commissioners.

At the march 7 board meeting at the county government complex in downtown atlanta, pitts used those words to introduce a resolution to ban assault-type weapons in the county while increasing the minimum age for anyone to purchase a gun from 18 to 21.Pitts’ resolution

The resolution was passed 5-0 as commissioners liz hausmann (district 1) and bob ellis (district 2) abstained.

It will now go to the state government, which, along with the federal government, has the authority to amend its gun laws to enact these new requirements.

Pitts’ resolution also included putting an end to the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines, tightening restrictions for those with mental illness seeking to buy guns while strengthening background checks and creating a universal database of those banned from buying weapons.

While pitts applauded the decisions of two of the nation’s top gun sellers, dick’s sporting goods and walmart, which are already making changes to their firearm sales policies, he asked individuals to voluntarily follow these same restrictions.Said “this

“we have a real opportunity to reduce gun violence and prevent mass killings,” he said. “this is the time for leaders in government and business to come together for action, and young people are watching and waiting.”

However, in explaining his abstention from the vote, ellis said for the commission to consider this type of resolution “is outside the scope of this board’s responsibility and we are running the risk of politicizing, but not knowing what the issue really is.”

“it is going to require each level of government to be responsible in their own way,” he said. In an interview after the meeting, ellis further explained his reasons for abstaining.Pitts’ resolution

“there are a couple of points that I had on the resolution,” he said. “this particular matter means nothing as this resolution has no impact on anyone, and I don’t feel it serves any purpose other than political theatre. Gun control and related topics do merit discussion, but dealing with the challenges we face regarding school safety and gun control requires every part of government to do their part and our part, as a local government, comes down to on-the-ground public safety issues, delivering behavior health services, making sure our juvenile court is functioning properly and our prosecutors are doing their job.

“that is the type work and deep discussion we ought to be having as a board of commissioners.Local government that is the type (of) effort that local government should be engaged in. Our school systems needs to be looking at all their safety protocols and with local school safety discussions being organized, that is what we really ought to be focused on.”

District 5 commissioner marvin arrington jr. Said at the meeting he was surprised anyone would not support pitts’ resolution as the county’s health and welfare “is a strategic priority of this board.”