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I have a Gridview that is populated with and ObjectDataSource set up to allow anonymous users to populate it. Database 1 to 1 relationship After logging in, the database is filled with the Gridview’s data using the following: deleting the item from the database keying on this primary key. Database testing The gridview deletes the proper row using it’s DeleteMethod, but obviously I don’t have it set up properly to delete the same PK row from the database. I really don’t want to mess with the DataSource’s DeleteMethod (and I’m not sure if this would help at all anyway), so is there a way to look for these deleted ItemId’s and remove them from the database while executing this Loop statement? View 1 Replies I have created a sdf database in a mobile application.Now I want to synchronize that database to a sql server database. Database graph View 1 Replies DataSource Controls :: Synchronize Or Able To Retrieve Information From One Database To Another One? Jun 8, 2010 I’m using Content Management System, DotNetNuke for my dynamic website. Database naming conventions DNN itself they have one database, I named it dnnDB. Database entity Inside the dnnDB they have the users table which have the list of users. Database developer I need to be able to pull this set of information or synchronize to my own database, myDatabase for development purposes. Data recovery plan I do not want to incorporate my database into dnnDB, afraid that I may corrupt the system. Data recovery kansas city View 4 Replies SQL Server :: How To Synchronize Offline/online Database Feb 3, 2011 I want to merge a software with a website.I have no source code of software, but i want to the database of online data and offline data will automatically synchronize. N k database I have only control over website, online database and offline database.. Data recovery 2016 Is it possible, if yes how? but when i feed data in offline database, online database automatically updated. 510 k database fda View 5 Replies DataSource Controls :: Synchronize Data In 2 Tables? Jan 6, 2010 I need to synchronize data between 2 tables. Database programmer i need to update records on table2 corresponding to table1. Data recovery osx I also need to add new records in table2 by getting new records from table1. Database integrity View 2 Replies Architecture :: How To Synchronize The Data With Server Jun 23, 2010 Just imagine we have a simple data table on the server. Database backup The client has the same table schema and works locally but at a certain time of the day it must upload and synchronize with the server. Whenever it needs to synchronize it calls the service. Hollywood u database The service then updates data on the server. Data recovery ipad The client will wait for a response which will inform whether the synchronization took place or not. Database vs server If it did it updates its local table, setting synchronized to true and the time. Database is in transition View 4 Replies DataSource Controls :: Can Synchronize The Design Of Two Databases Jan 17, 2010 I used the Database Publishing Wizard to create a copy of my live SQL Server database for testing purposes. Data recovery ios Both the live and test databases are hosted by my ISP. What is the easiest way to transfer design changes from one database to the other without altering the data (assuming that the design changes are compatible with the existing data in the target database)? Any proposed solution would have to be available via Visual Web Developer 2008 Express or SQL Server 2008 Development Edition. Database data types View 11 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Recalculate, Then Repopulate Gridview Without Going Back To Database? Mar 26, 2010 I want to make sure I go about this in an efficient manner. Data recovery johannesburg I have a gridview. Iphone 5 data recovery software On the gridview, I have some columns that are read only values . Database operations These values go through calculations based on values in a database. Database index The stored procedure takes information in the database, does some simply calculations (this value * that value / another value type of stuff) then returns a recordset as a datasource for the grid. Other columns on the gridview have values the users can enter data. Database crud I want to be able to provide a recalculate button that will run calculations based on the entered values which will change the readonly values and then repopulate the gridview’s read only values without going back to the database. Drupal 8 database This recalculate button is not the save to the database button. Data recovery disk The save to the database button will take the values in the user entered columns and save them to the database. Database 3 tier architecture Then, the next time the grid is called, the page calls to the database and loads the grid. So, what I’m looking to do is allows for recalculations on a gridview, a gridview with about 24 columns and about 1000 rows. Data recovery orlando My first thought is to create a class that reads the gridview and then applies the business rules, then updates the gridview some how. Database cardinality Or, maybe have a dataset table thats i read the value from the user inputs, then apply business rules and then bind the gridview to the dataset table. Database unit testing Do any of you have thoughts here, maybe have done something like this? View 9 Replies Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The Textbox Values To Gridview And Gridview To Database Jul 19, 2010 i just want to display the values which are there in Textbox… I data recovery software free download View 3 Replies Web Forms :: Possible To Synchronize Video With Presentation Slides Jun 22, 2010 I found a good website to show presentation with video and slides at the same time. O review database The video is nicely synchronized with the slides. Database in recovery I would like to know whether it can be done in ASP.NET web form. Data recovery wizard professional If yes, how to do it? What is the logic to implement this feature? View 3 Replies Web Forms :: How To Synchronize Users Requests / Threads Feb 6, 2011 I have what I consider a pretty complex situation that I am not sure if it can even be accomplished via an ASP.NET web application. Data recovery open source (I am using 4.0) But what I want to do is design a “online auction site” that can handle many autions running at the same time. Gif database So I can only imagine eBay and all the other millions of auction sites out there are all doing this someway or another. Data recovery lifehacker My biggest concern is that I want to make sure the design here to make the site as effiecent as possible. Top 10 data recovery software 2014 Here is specifically what I am trying to figure out. I think I need to create an object (per active auction) that stays in memory for the life of the auction. Database gale This object would have at least the following information: Now here is the tricky part that I think is vital for auction sites. Database life cycle Lets say you have 500 users on my website that are all watching the same auction and it is getting down to the last second of the auction and they all click to place a bid at the same time. Data recovery dallas Keep in mind this may also be at the same time hundreds of other users are placing bids for other auctions going on all at the same time. How do I get all these requests (bids), for a single auction, lined up so that they are processed “one at a time”? But some how I need to be able to make all requests wait in a queue until it is their “turn” then I would need to be able to update the in memory object, write a record into a SQL database and then begin returning information back to each user. Based on other development languages I have used in the past I know their were objects that I could create that could be used to get multiple threads to run in order (in other words syncronized). Data recovery usb Usually it would be a case where I would be listening on a server socket and could do something like ThreadVariable.Lock, , thenThreadVariable.Unlock. Database 4th normal form What that would do, is force all threads that tried to call ThreadVariable.Lock to wait until no other threads had the variable locked then it could proceed. V database in oracle Obviously the code it processes between the lock and unlock should be as quick and effecient as possible so it does not create a major traffic jam. Because my thinking is this “object” I am referring to as being in memory, most likely will play a big role in answering the question about getting the requests in a “one at a time” situation it may be the focus of the question is more like how would I create “an object” and store it in memory to be quickly and easily accessed? I think the topic of “communication to and from users” will need to be a completly different thread. Data recovery tampa View 5 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Retrieving Data From Database To Link To Gridview By Using Listbox Nov 28, 2010 I have a search option which a person can use a multi select listbox. R studio data recovery with crack I have it coded so it would loop through to see if its selected or not. Database uses I also have a stored procedure where the sql statement is coded for the select statement. Database history For some reason, its not populating my gridview. Database b tree Where am I doing wrong? Below is the code and stored procedure. I’ve a created a class and bounded to grid view in my Business LayerThe dropdown list was bounded to another table by using gvExpense_RowDataBound eventNo.of rows in gridview depends on no. Database optimization of rows in expensetype table View 8 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Updating Encrypted Data To SQLServer Database With GridView May 31, 2010 I’m just wondering if anyone has come across a good, easy method for updating a SQL Server 2000 DB table using the edit feature in GridView. Data recovery software reviews The catch here is that I need it to encrypt, send to database, then decrypt when the page calls it to be displayed. Cnet data recovery I have successfully implemented an insert method using FormView with encryption. Database systems For some reason, I just can’t seem to figure out the edit/update. Data recovery for mac View 1 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Write / Save Data From GridView To Table In Database? Jun 1, 2010 i need bind data from gridview to database.. Data recovery damaged hard drive i dont know how to do it.. Database builder i doing student attenance detail mini project.. Data recovery cnet gridview show total class student name , roll no, and department.. Database log horizon check box for attenance .. Data recovery raid if i tick in check box bind data “student present” not tick bind data student absent. Database design for mere mortals View 4 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Get Data From A Database Using Sqldatasource And Bind It To A Gridview Using C#? Mar 30, 2011 I am using Visual Web Developer (VWD)and I dragged in i.e created a Gridview. Database hardening In the codebehind of the page, I will like to declare an sqldatasource and get data from a database using the sqldatasource and then bind the sqldatasource to the Gridview. Data recovery linux distro PS: I know how to drag-in an sqldatasource and attach it to the gridview using VWD but this time, I want to do this declaratively in the codebehind. Data recovery key View 3 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Retrieve Data From Database And Show In Gridview? Feb 11, 2010 I want to get data from the database and display it in gridview. Data recovery macbook The gridview should be editable. Data recovery los angeles Meaning the user can add, edit and delete items/rows in the gridview. Database yml Everytime the user adds/updates/deletes an item, the gridview is also updated. Database in excel However, these changes will only be saved to the database once the Save button is clicked. G info database View 3 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Extracting Data From Gridview And Insert Into Database? Nov 16, 2010 i’m currently doing a shopping website. Database book The customer will have to selected the item they want to buy and it will appear in the detail view when they click add in the grid view. Q prime database I need the info inside the detail view to be insert into a database call Orderlist. Was it because i can’t insert it like this as it is detailview? This method can work if is Textbox instead of detailview. Top 10 data recovery tools View 5 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Import Data From Gridview To SQL Server Database? Dec 2, 2010 I am developing a the admin side..i have a gridview…i want to copy all the data in the gridview to a table in sql server 2005.. Data recovery laptop View 3 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Present Data In A Gridview But Without Binding It To A Database? Jun 15, 2010 with the code to present data in a gridview but without binding it to a database. Data recovery flash drive View 3 Replies Forms Data Controls :: Update Database Using Data From Dropdownlist On Gridview C#? Dec 1, 2010