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Purpose This safety manual provides information necessary to design, install, verify and maintain a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) utilizing the Fisher ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valve with 657/667 actuator. V database in oracle Introduction This manual provides information that is necessary for meeting the IEC 61508 or IEC 61511 functional safety standards.

ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, HPA Valves w/ 657/667 Actuator November 2011 Terms and Abbreviations Safety: Freedom from unacceptable risk of harm. Database website Functional Safety: The ability of a system to carry out the actions necessary to achieve or to maintain a defined safe state for the equipment / machinery / plant / apparatus under control of the system.

Safety Integrity Level 1 has the lowest.

Database wiki SIS: Safety Instrumented System — Implementation of one or more Safety Instrumented Functions. Database workbench A SIS is composed of any combination of sensor(s), logic solver(s), and final element(s). Database website template ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, HPA Valves w/ 657/667 Actuator November 2011…

Hardware Documents: 51.1:ED, Fisher ED, EAD, and EDR Sliding-Stem Control Valves Bulletin: D100017X012 Fisher ED and EAD easy-et Valves CL125 through CL600 Instruction Manual: D100390X012 51.1:ES, Fisher ES and EAS Sliding-Stem Control Valves Bulletin: D100021X012 Fisher ES and EAS easy-et Valves CL125 through CL600 Instruction Manual: D100397X012 51.1:ET, Fisher ET, EAT, and ETR Sliding-Stem Control Valves Bulletin: D100022X012…

Fisher HP Series high-pressure globe and angle valves (figure 1) have metal seats, cage guiding, quick change trim, and push-down-to-close valve plug action. Database works HPD, HPAD, HPT, and HPAT valves use balanced valve plugs. Database web application HPS and HPAS valves use an unbalanced valve plug.

Safety Integrity calculations. Database wordpress The failure rate data listed in the FMEDA report is only valid for the useful lifetime of an ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valve. Database weak entity The failure rates will increase after this time period. Database weekly Reliability calculations based on the data listed in the FMEDA report for mission times beyond the useful lifetime may yield results that are too optimistic, i.e.

Random Integrity The ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valves are classified as Type A devices according to IEC 61508, having a hardware fault tolerance of 0. Database worksheet The complete final element subsystem, with a Fisher valve as the final control element, will need to be evaluated to determine the Safe Failure Fraction of the subsystem.

Restore the supply/signal to the actuator and confirm that the normal operating state was achieved. Database xml Inspect the ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valve and the other final control element components for any leaks, visible damage or contamination. Database xcode Record the test results and any failures in your company’s SIF inspection database.

Suggested Proof Test The objective of proof testing is to detect failures within an ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valve that are not detected by any automatic diagnostics of the system. Database xampp Of main concern are undetected failures that prevent the Safety Instrumented Function from performing its intended function.

Start-Up Checklist The following checklist may be used as a guide to employ the ED, ES, ET, EZ, HP, or HPA valve in a safety critical SIF compliant to IEC61508. Database xe Target Safety Integrity Level and PFD Correct valve mode chosen (Fail­closed, Fail­open)

Responsibility for proper selection, use, and maintenance of any product remains solely with the purchaser and end user. Database xls Fisher, FIELDVUE, and easy-e are marks owned by one of the companies in the Emerson Process Management business division of Emerson Electric Co.