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Spring is in air and warmer weather is just around the corner which means the tradition of spring cleaning is almost upon us! While you are following the tradition of deep cleaning your homes, cars and offices, you can certainly add your file servers to the list too.

While it can certainly be a challenge to find the time to address server storage issues, there are some real benefits to adding this task to your list. B tree database management system Why a spring clean is necessary

File servers can often fill up quicker than expected and before you know it your server is bursting at the seams with duplicate and obsolete files. Database file In fact, it is estimated that after just three years, around 50% of the files stored on your server are no longer accessed at all.

Imagine renting a storage space.

Data recovery near me When you first rent your storage unit, it is room, well organized and easy to maneuver around. Database job description Over the next few years, more and more items are added and the storage space becomes less and less organized.

After some time, your storage unit is bursting at the seams, there is no space for new items and anything stored at the back cannot be easily retrieved. Data recovery 94fbr Ideally, rather than renting a second storage unit, you would go through the existing unit, reorganize it and clean out the junk.

The general solution that is often employed is to simply buy more storage when the existing servers can no longer cope with the amount of data. Database foreign key However, this approach lacks efficiency and can end up costing more money in the long run as the cycle of overfilled storage will repeat itself.

Eventually, you will end up with outrageous storage costs due to the large amount of obsolete, redundant and duplicate data retained. Database as a service Storing large amounts of unneeded data could also end up being detrimental to business operations and your organization’s infrastructure.

This will also impact on your backup costs and times and you are needlessly creating backups of unnecessary data. Iphone 6 data recovery File archiving is the solution

The good news is that there is a way to break the cycle and save your business time and money in the long run. Database google drive A file archiving solution is one of the best ways to manage your company’s files easily and efficiently and take back control of your file storage system.

As much as 90% of the total space consumed on your file server is from old, duplicate and obsolete files that will rarely be accessed again. Data recovery geek squad These files should not take up space on expensive tier 1 storage and in the case of duplicate data should be deleted entirely.

With a policy based file archiving solution, you can choose which files are moved to the archive and when. Database recovery pending Old files can be automatically written to cheap disk storage leaving behind a 1k shortcut stub. Data recovery prices The best part: the end-user’s experience is seamless.

Archived files are compressed, encrypted, deduplicated and stored for automatic and quick retrieval with no impact on operations. Database sharding Try our file archiving solution for free

Not convinced of the benefits of a file archiving solution? Download a copy of File Analyzer Lite for free today and gain an insight into how your storage is being used and how much space you could save by using archiving software.

For more information on FileArchiver from Waterford Technologies, get in touch with the team today to organize a free demonstration and learn how file archiving could help your business by clicking here. Database keys with example Waterford Technologies helps local government reduce email footprint by more than 50%

If you asked most people in a business how you preserve and protect the data on their computers most people will respond by saying that you need to back it up. Data recovery xfs But while this is technically correct, it is also too simplistic.

Backing up data is a way to ensure a level of short term security of your data. Database management systems 3rd edition It covers unexpected events such as the failure of some hardware, communications link or user interaction that corrupts or deletes data.

It is designed to be a means to enable a short term recovery to allow a system to get back up and running in a finite time scale. Database engineer salary Backup Characteristics

Backups have a couple of general characteristics; they are usually expensive and time consuming to manage. Jstor database There are, or should be, complex discussions on what data is critical and how much current data you can afford to lose, if any.

Once you have decided how close to the incident you want to be able to restore data, such as 1 minute before the event, one hour or one day, you need to decide how long you will be willing to be without your systems.

The most basic tapes systems may leave you out of action for a week or more and the most complex virtualized replicated systems can be almost instantaneous. E m database The trade-off is that these systems come with a huge cost.

But this all misses the point. Data recovery richmond va 80% of the data on a network has, on average, not been accessed for more than a year. Data recovery software So why pay for huge tape or storage systems to replicate at great cost something that has never been looked at?

A file archiving solution moves unused and redundant data into areas outside the nightly back up, except for a small increment that represents the most recently archived data. Data recovery advisor Consider your huge tape and disc storage system that replicates data into the cloud for a true belt and braces cost of £x per TB.

Removing this redundant data and only backing up the data you actually need can represent a huge saving. Database host name File archiving also needs an analyzer that will allow you to instantly identify files to be put outside the nightly back up.

But file archiving does not mean losing or deleting data. Database performance There may be vast amounts of business intelligence in old data. Data recovery broken hard drive Archived data remains accessible, and retrievable. Database xe It just really doesn’t need to be in the instant restore capability of a backup solution.

Do you really want to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to instantly recover and restore files that have not been used for 5 years? We don’t think most people do and we have a simple answer to this backup and file archiving issue. Database yml mysql See How File Archiving Can Help Your Business

Our free tool FileAnalyzer Lite provides you with a snapshot of how your storage is being used, the average age of your files and which file types are dominating your storage system. 5 database is locked The tool can also show you just how much storage space you could save by implementing a file archiving solution. Database fundamentals The Mistake of Buying More Storage Hardware

Managers are challenged in implementing cost effective ways to handle the explosive growth of storage requirements. Database concepts Organizations have to consider the reality and value of their data when assessing hardware and software solutions to address their expanding needs. Database icon The typical response of adding expensive disk options is not a wise business or career decision.

Why Software File Archiving is More Cost Effective than Buying More Storage Hardware takes a closer look at cost-effective alternatives for those organizations who can’t continue to make storage hardware capital expenditures in a tight economy. Database versioning With the number of files per user increasing daily, along with the average size of each file (due to bigger attachments and more rich text, high resolution images, and video) many businesses are quickly hitting their storage capacity years before their planned targets and experiencing performance problems and longer backup cycles.