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This page compares the features of LibreOffice 5.3 (expected release date: Feb 5, 2017) ( download) and Microsoft Office 2016 / 365. Database 2013 It separates major and minor feature differences and also includes notes on LibreOffice extensions. Database cursor The comparison highlights differences and therefore does not display any features which are present in both office suites.

Windows and macOS versions are based on different code bases resulting in some format compatibility problems, somewhat different feature sets and differences in the user interface. Database list macOS version does not include the database application MS Access and also lacks a number of other features (see below).

Feature inconsistencies/differences in Windows versions “MS Office 2016” sales version and the “Office 2016 for Office 365” rental version: some features are being subsequently included only in the rental version (newly added features also differ between macOS and MS Windows) leading to inconsistencies in the feature set (see below).

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2 ( [2]). Database queries must be Support for Windows RT was dropped after MS Office 2013 (in that version few features missing, no MS Access and not Metro-compliant)

Supported. Database journal From within each office component, files of all other components can be opened and newly created. Data recovery boston Central StartCenter with access to office modules, recently used files and templates.

Complex ecosystem of valuable extensions (over 300 on extensions.libreoffice.org and over 790 on extensions.services.openoffice.org) for LibreOffice (including automatic updates).

Extended support (spell-check dictionaries, hyphenation patterns, thesaurus and grammar check, specialized dictionaries as extensions ( [8], [9], [10])). Database connection Detailed list of LibreOffice writing aids for over 150 languages.

Support of complex languages and special smart font features (ligatures, true small caps, old style numbers, proportional or mono-spaced numbers, capital spacing, true superscript/subscript)

Selection more limited. S memo data recovery Feature to include a selection of ” icons” (“Icons” not supported in MS Office 2016 sales version and not supported in macOS version)

Multiple languages, support for wide variety of languages (LibreOffice Basic, JavaScript, BeanShell and Python). Database structure Import and export of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), see ( [15] and the release notes).

Support for Alfresco, Google GDrive, Nuxeo, MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive, IBM FileNet Lotus Live Files, Lotus Quickr Domino, OpenDataSpace and OpenText ELS.

Limited support in MS Windows version, and online version, ODF v. Data recovery iso 1.2. Iphone 6 data recovery software Support of ODF in macOS version and mobile versions (Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile) limited and require the use of an online file format conversion service. Cpu z database [16] [17] [18]

Multiple options (Additional options: Tagged PDF, Time stamp protocol , detailed image settings, HybridPDF, watermarks, transition effects, extended security and permission options, PDF forms, initial view settings, extended handling of URLs, digital signatures, PDF signatures according to PAdES standard)

High or low quality PDF, page and markup to print in Access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint [19]; pictures resolution and non-printing informations in Publisher.

Import from vector graphics / DTP software: CorelDraw (v1-X7), Corel Presentation Exchange, Adobe/Macromedia Freehand (v3-11), Adobe PageMaker, Zoner/Callisto Draw (.zmf)

Import of video and audio formats FLAC Audio flac, Flash Video (flv), Matroska Media (mkv), OGG Audio, Ogg Video, Quicktime Video, WebM Video, Real Audio (.ra), Real Media (.rm), Digital Video (.dv), Audio Codec (.ac3), and Ogg Opus (.opus)

Not part of LibreOffice, referring to alternatives such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Data recovery kickass See the comparison on this wiki: Mozilla Thunderbird vs. A database can best be described as Microsoft Outlook.

The BASIC Integrated Development Environment (IDE) does not have: 1. Os x database Refactoring facilities (Renaming affects dependencies/Extract Method/Extract interface etc.) ( tdf#92251); 2. Database field Intellisense (or any other code completion functionality) such as auto-code-completion and showing the properties and methods of an object ( tdf#66185); 3. Data recovery diy Error checking (the IDE actually knows its symbols).

Supported with Visual Basic for Applications and/or additional purchase of Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio (Windows-only). Database transaction macOS version only supports a simplified Visual Basic Editor.

Good support of real life OOXML files (e.g. Data recovery mac hard drive .xlsx, .docx, .pptx) and standardized (transitional) OOXML files, as well as import of OOXML-strict files.

Highly customizable UI concept “MUFFIN” ( [23]): Classic UI with multiple toolbars mode or single toolbar mode with Sidebar panel. H2 database tutorial UI concept ” NotebookBar” available in experimental mode ( [24]). Database interview questions Customization possible: several icon themes available, Firefox themes.

Ports for Android, iOS and Ubuntu Touch in development: LibreOffice Viewer for Android is available. R studio data recovery free download The Android viewer also contains basic and experimental editing features, more information: Android LibreOffice editor, wiki page for Android port development and [25], [26], [27], [28]. Data recovery bad hard drive The Document Viewer of Ubuntu Touch is powered by LibreOfficeKit and therefore supports viewing most file types supported by LibreOffice. Database field definition A version for iOS is in development for a long time with further plans to support iOS.

Mobile versions for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS with restricted features set, for ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ smartphones with heavily restricted feature set. Data recovery windows 7 Professional users as well as users on tablets >10.1 inch are required to have an eligible Office 365 subscription at a monthly fee. Nexus 4 data recovery Private users are allowed to view and print documents without registration private users, basic editing functionality requires registration. Database version 706 More comprehensive features require an eligible Office 365 subscription at a monthly fee.

Libreoffice/Collabora Online: version 2.0 released with full document support and rendering fidelity, reduced editing functionality, basic collaborative editing. Cindia data recovery [29], [30], [31], [32]. Database tutorial See also: LibreOffice Online port development.

Partial. R database packages Basic collaborative editing in LibreOffice online version. Database disk image is malformed Not available in the desktop version, see: Collaborative Editing and Track changes. Windows 8 data recovery software See also GSOC 2016 project: Saving ODF XML of Change-tracking as a Sequence of Pre-defined Changes.

Supported in online versions of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint. Database naming standards Support in desktop applications differs: “Real-time typing” in MS Word and MS Powerpoint (support in MS Powerpoint not available in MS Office 2016 sales version and not supported in macOS version. Data recovery training online MS Powerpoint 2016 sales version allows for co-authoring (syncing after saving file).) Not available in MS Excel desktop version. Database query Simplified “sharing” of office documents in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint via OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint.

Import of Classic Mac OS legacy vector and bitmap graphics formats: BeagleWorks, ClarisWorks, GreatWorks, MacPaint, MacWorks, SuperPaint, MacDraw, MacDraw II, RagTime for Mac 2-3, ClarisDraw, MacDraft

Multiple signatures, including OOXML signatures. Database isolation levels Round-trip with MS Office problematic ( tdf#58442, tdf#58476). Database version control Import/export of PDF signatures. Database record definition Support of XAdES standard (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures)

Java runtime environment (JRE) installation required for certain – but not most – features of the software. Database glossary Java is notably required for Base. Data recovery druid ( tdf#34809, tdf#37089)

Export of comments according to PDF specification (via “File” > “Export as PDF”). Data recovery houston tx PDF export of comments: inside the margin, at end of page, at end of document (activation complicated, only via: “Tools” > “Options” > “LibreOffice Writer” > “Print” ( tdf#77650))

extensions: e.g. Database 2010 Languagetool for 31 languages plus 9 language variants (level of language support varies), Grammalecte for French, CoGroo for Brazilian Portuguese

21 languages (plus 1 language variant) were supported in MS Office 2013 with additional costs); no information on supported languages in MS Office 2016. Dayz database map Grammar check on macOS version limited to few languages.

Import of legacy Mac OS word processing documents: MS Word for Mac (1-5.1), MS Works for Mac (1-4), ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, Write Now, MacWriteII/MacWritePro, DOCMaker 4, FullWrite Professional, HanMac Word-K/J, LightWayText for Mac 4.5, Mariner Write Mac Classic 1.6-3.5, MindWrite Document, Nisus Writer Mac Classic 3.4-6.5, TeachText/SimpleText 1, Tex-Edit 2, WriterPlus, Z-Write 1.3, eDOC 2, Acta Mac Classic, BeagleWorks/WordPerfect Works 1, GreatWorks, MacDoc 1, MoreMac 2-3, RagTime for Mac 2-3

Import of DOS/Windows legacy word processing documents: Microsoft Word for DOS, Microsoft WinWord 5, Microsoft Word 6.0 / 95, Microsoft Write, Hangul WP97 and Text 602 (T602), Lotus WordPro

Rotation supported only for 90° increments ( tdf#73797). Database website template Rotation of SVG vector graphics not supported ( tdf#73796), alternative extensions WriterRotationTool or Easy Image Editor.

Not supported. 7 data recovery registration code Some formatting features are supported, e.g. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf font type, font size, bold, italics, underline, text alignment (align, centered, justified). Database key definition ( tdf#81458)



View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Tools ▸ Choose Themes as well as Format ▸ AutoFormat provide part of this functionality. Data recovery on mac ( tdf#77569, tdf#44762, tdf#44763)

Add-on, not activated by default. Data recovery kali linux Additional features: Fourier analysis, Histogram, Random number generation, Rank and percentiles, and some more detailed options.

Supported (not supported in macOS version). I card data recovery (Funnel chart is not supported in MS Office 2016 sales version and not supported in macOS version)

Starting in Excel 2010, the following features use multi-core processors: saving a file, opening a file, refreshing a PivotTable (for external data sources, except OLAP and SharePoint), sorting a cell table, sorting a PivotTable, and auto-sizing a column.

For operations that involve reading and loading or writing data, such as opening a file, saving a file or refreshing data, splitting the operation into two processes increases performance speed. Database name The first process gets the data, and the second process loads the data into the appropriate structure in memory or writes the data to a file. Database quiz In this way, as soon as the first process beings reading a portion of data, the second process can immediately start loading or writing that data, while the first process continues to read the next portion of data. Database url Previously, the first process had to finish reading all the data in a certain section before the second process could load that section of the data into memory or write the data to a file. Os x data recovery free ( [55], [56])

More detailed: Number formats: more flexible use of “Format Code” for custom adjustments, leading zeroes, language setting, percentages without percentage sign, thousands separator for percentages; Font: overligning of text, relief (embossed, engraved), outline, shadow, underline of individual words, spacing settings, kerning; Borders: shadow, spacing to contents; Protection: hide cells when printing.

Supported, but problems with: spinning text ( tdf#87958), pixelated ( tdf#87959), wobble/shake/vibrate ( tdf#87960), objects stuck ( tdf#88196)

Supported only on MS Windows. Fda 510 k database No support for Outlook ( tdf#56903) and Outlook Express ( tdf#56905) address book access in the native 64-bit Windows builds of LibreOffice.

Only via drag&drop to LibreOffice Calc or via drag & drop from another Base window with the writable data source being open. Database research ( [75]) ( tdf#73798)

Limited olders driver “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0” works fine for read/write, while “Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0” driver only reads; ( tdf#43187). Graph database Driver only works on Windows.

LibreOffice has a complex eco-system of extensions (over 300 on extensions.libreoffice.org and over 790 on extensions.services.openoffice.org). Data recovery android free Additionally to the extensions already mentioned in above comparison table, here is a selection of some extensions adding valuable features to LibreOffice:

• Wollmux is a complex centralized system for templates, forms and letter heads developed by the city of Munich (in German and English language).

• Oracle Connector for Alfresco CMS allows to connect LibreOffice with the Alfresco Document management server. Database software (In-built Alfresco support in more recent versions of LibreOffice)

• CorelPolyGUI: Chart trend lines improved: polynomial trend line, force intercept of trend line and moving average trend line (most of its functionality is included in LibreOffice 4.2)

• Microsoft Office vs. Database software definition OpenOffice.org – Idealware does a head-to-head comparison of the two office suites, by Brett Bonfield and Laura S. Database error 7719 at exe Quinn (2010-07-02).