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Page Forms (known until November 2016 as Semantic Forms) is an extension to MediaWiki that allows users to add, edit and query data using forms. Database b tree It was originally created as an offshoot of the Semantic MediaWiki Extension:Semantic MediaWiki extension, to be able to edit templates that store their parameters via SMW, which is why it was originally called “Semantic Forms”. Database optimization However, it can now also work with the alternative Cargo Extension:Cargo extension, or with neither extension installed.

Very simply, Page Forms allows you to have forms for creating and editing pages on your wiki, as well as for querying data, all without any programming. Data recovery software reviews Forms can be created and edited not just by administrators, but by users themselves.

The main components of Page Forms functionality are form definition pages, which exist in a separate namespace, ‘Form:’. Cnet data recovery These are pages consisting of markup code which gets parsed when a user goes to a form. Database systems Since forms are defined strictly through these definition pages, users can themselves create and edit forms, without the need for any actual programming.

The Page Forms extension is mostly used to add and edit calls to infobox-style templates within pages. Data recovery for mac A form allows a user to populate a pre-defined set of templates, as well as page sections, for any page; if Cargo or Semantic MediaWiki are used, the data within the templates can then be stored and queried.

Page Forms also supports autocompletion of fields, so users can easily see what the previously-entered values were for a given field. Data recovery damaged hard drive This greatly helps to avoid issues of naming ambiguity, spelling, etc.

Data in a page that doesn’t fit into the form, like a free-form text description of the page’s subject, isn’t ignored when the page is edited with a form; rather, it is placed into a separate input box called “free text”.

All the “special pages” that Page Forms defines: the ones that provide helper forms (Special:CreateProperty, Special:CreateTemplate, Special:CreateForm, Special:CreateCategory, Special:CreateClass), the ones that display lists (Special:Templates, Special:Forms) and the ones used to display actual forms (Special:FormEdit, Special:FormStart, Special:RunQuery, Special:UploadWindow).

The template-based philosophy of Page Forms – plus information on the two parser functions that PF defines for templates: #arraymap and #arraymaptemplate.

This is the first of the two major sections. Database builder How to define a form via a page within the “Form:” namespace. Data recovery cnet Covers the entire form-definition syntax, including the {{{info}}}, {{{for template}}}, {{{end template}}}, {{{field}}}, {{{section}}} and {{{standard input}}} tags. Database log horizon Also covers how to add tabs and tooltips.

The second major section. Data recovery raid A listing of all allowed input types, as well as parameters for each, and the set of SMW and Cargo data types that each can be used with. Database design for mere mortals Also includes complete information on autocompletion options.

How to get the “Edit with form” tab to appear on pages, using the #default_form parser function. Database hardening Plus, how to rename the tab to simply “edit”, and how to remove the standard “edit” tab (if you want to).

How to bring users to forms, via the #forminput, #formlink, #formredlink and #queryformlink functions. Data recovery linux distro Also, how to use #formredlink to have red-linked pages created automatically. Data recovery key Also, how to create links that directly modify a page, via the #autoedit function.

Common issues people have run into, and their solutions, relating to forms, data structure design, and the use of Page Forms with other extensions.

Extensions that require the presence of Page Forms, extensions that can be used together with Page Forms, and extensions that have a similar purpose to Page Forms. Data recovery macbook Cheat sheet

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