Educated people more likely to be short-sighted data recovery mac

Carried out by researchers at the University of Bristol and Cardiff University, the study set out to determine whether education is a direct (causal) risk factor for short-sightedness, also known as myopia, or whether myopia is a causal risk factor for more years in education.

Every further 12 months in schooling elevated the chance of myopia by -0.27 dioptres. This suggests that a United Kingdom university graduate with 17 years in education would, on average, be one dioptre more myopic than an individual who left school at 16 with 12 years of education. It’s been observed that children with myopia are more studious, or socioeconomic position and a higher level of education leads to myopia. The distinction is sufficient to imply needing glasses for driving. However, being predisposed to myopia did not have any noticeable effect on one’s education.

The researchers found "strong evidence" that education was one of the drivers behind higher myopia rates. It is not known whether "Bright Light" classrooms provide protection against myopia and replicate the effects of increasing time spent outdoors and the research team suggest that future studies could look at whether this intervention works against myopia. Children from developed East and Southeast Asian countries regularly say that they spend less time outdoors than children from Australia or the U.S. and randomised controlled trials have shown that more time spent outdoors during childhood protects against the development of myopia.

Consultants pointed to the expertise in East Asia, the place education means early intense instructional pressures and little time for play open air. For example, UK Biobank participants have been shown to be more highly educated, have healthier lifestyles, and report fewer health issues compared with the general UK population, which may have affected the results.

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