Edoras one documentation

A case can represent many things depending on how you define it. Data recovery iphone free Think of a case like a box with a label where you can find everything that you need to work on a particular task. Database 11g There are small and large boxes, square and round ones, boxes with one compartment only or boxes with a lot of compartments to organize the contents.

For example if you handle customer complaints with edoras one, a single “complaint” could become a “case” and everything that happens while solving that complaint can be stored

in and made available in that case.

Data recovery thumb drive Or if you use edoras one for your recruiting, each job applicant is represented by a “case” where all structured data like name,

birthday etc. Data recovery hardware tools for the applicant is part of the case form and documents like CV and references are simply stored within the case as attachments. Os x data recovery Another great fit for edoras one

is request and approval handling where a vacation request, a travel request or even a request for a quote from a customer becomes a case, supporting the handling and approval process through edoras one.

edoras one runs in a Java web-compliant container like Tomcat for instance. R studio data recovery download You can also deploy edoras one into a JEE compliant server like JBoss, although the JEE parts of the container are not necessarily needed but are integrated with, if available.

edoras one is fully web-based and only needs a web browser to work with. Data recovery western digital Even the graphical modeling environment is fully running within the browser without the need of an extra plugin. Top 5 data recovery software The client part is based on HTML5 / CSS3 and uses a client side model-view-controller framework (AngularJS) to abstract the data from the view and the controllers.

All information within edoras one is stored transactionally within an RDBMS. Data recovery mac The following database systems are supported by edoras one; Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2 and Derby.

File-based content or large unstructured content is stored within the content repository of edoras one. Database website There is a simple, built-in repository supporting a light-weight content

storage system with built-in versioning capabilities. Data recovery denver The content can also be stored in an external system like Alfresco, Sharepoint or any other system using the CMIS protocol.

edoras one supports a full text search integration, each work item is searchable as well as its content. Data recovery galaxy s4 The search can be integrated with the featured Java based query API or through the search REST endpoint, supporting full text search as well as structured search.

The core of edoras one is it’s work item infrastructure supported by edoras gear, the work management framework. R studio data recovery free full version You can read more about edoras gear later in this document.

Part of edoras one is the modelling infrastructure named edoras vis. Data recovery equipment It is embedded into edoras one for a smooth modeling experience, deploying directly into edoras gear and runtime experience using edoras one. Database primary key For each supported type of models there is an appropriate provider interpreting that model. Database link oracle Process models for instance are modeled with the BPMN 2 standard and being executed by the process provider, based on the Activiti process engine. 7 data recovery key The form models are stored in JSON and rendered through the form engine in the client.

edoras one supports a REST API based on the JSON data protocol. Database manager salary The edoras one client actually uses the same API as well for all of its features. Database processing Additionally, the REST API can be used for any kind of integration with edoras one.

There are a lot of well designed extension points in edoras gear that can be used to extend the work item platform in many ways. Database xcode Read more details about the extension points later in this document.

The client / server communication is based on the REST API supported by the edoras one backend services. Database administrator salary JSON is used for the data in the requests and HTTP / HTTPS as the transfer protocol. Data recovery iphone 4s edoras one can be integrated with SSO infrastructures as well.