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In this day and age, having some sort of computer to do your job is as necessary as air. Database schema design Chances are, if you have a lot of computers in your business, you also have things like servers, routers, access points, and switches. Database uml These are all critical pieces to maintaining your business and your employee’s productivity level.

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if your business suffered a catastrophic event? How long would it take to get you back up and running? Do you know if your critical data is being backed-up and if it is, how often is that happening? If you are reading this and starting to feel a tightening in your chest because you aren’t sure of your answers, then it’s time to stop ducking your head in the sand.

In a survey done by IHS in 2015, the average of cost of outages totaled the $700 billion dollar mark.

Data recovery ntfs This total includes the loss of employee productivity, revenue and the cost to the fix the issue, which surprisingly was the lowest cost of the three.

Finally, to calculate the expected annual cost, multiply this number by the number of expected annual hours of outage. Database error If you do this and you are absolutely panicking, don’t worry. Database functions While all of this sounds like something out of a nightmare, the solutions are fairly simple. Top 10 data recovery We would first recommend that you have incremental back-ups of your critical data that are stored both locally and in the cloud. Database job titles This way, if your hardware were to fail, with the help of your IT provider, you can pull your data down from the cloud onto a backup server (part of the redundancy plan). Data recovery linux live cd Secondly, we recommend that you have a redundant environment. S pombe database Now, this can mean a variety of things but at minimum, it would mean that you’d have a secondary server that is only for emergencies. Database usa At maximum, it would mean having clustered servers where there are more than 1 server and if something were to fail, the data just seamlessly moves to the next available hardware.

We don’t want to see any businesses have to deal with this nightmare. Data recovery pro license key If you are unsure of what disaster recovery plan you have with your current IT Provider and would like to sit down with them, email with the subject “Disaster Planning” and we will send you our report on the 10 Disaster Planning Essentials for a Small Business Network. Data recovery on android Author a4zz1c Posted on January 17, 2017 Categories disaster recovery Tags continuity planning, downtime, IT spending, Managed Services, proactive support, productivity loss, redundancy, servers Happy Holidays