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I have noticed a few map additions with incorrect coding for certain buildings, this simply results in the building you have added not spawning any loot.

The problem comes with how most people create these additions, simply by launching dayz through an epoch server via dayz commander will give you a working editor, but some buildings (such as Barracks, Hospitals, and Fire Stations) will not spawn any loot.

This is because of their class names.

Data recovery freeware The default ARMA editor makes most building classnames begin with “Map_” . Database clustering All buildings of this type will not spawn loot in dayz, this is inherited from the EU_ update to the editor. Icare data recovery You may simply read through your code and change all these manually to (for example) “Land_A_Hospital” instead of the original “Map_A_Hospital” to trigger loot spawns within those buildings.

There is however an easier way for those of you unfamiliar with code, which also adds a few extra items in. Data recovery jacksonville fl This will however remove some options brought by the EU_ update such as being able to place rocks/cliffs e.t.c so it is important to pick when you want to use the editor I am about to show you.

To turn your map edits into functioning dayz map additions simply follow the instructions below (If you do not wish to use the Jon-C5-Editor, skip to step 4):

**If the code editing is not done as follows, it will crash your server on start up. 510 k database search Mainly because of the unit spawn (in this example “GER_Soldier_EP1”), follow the instructions for editing the code and it will work fine**

NOTE**: Be sure to change the mapedit.sqf to whatever it is you have named your file, and that it corresponds with the execVM in your server_functions.sqf

Well here it is guys, at least 14 hours of work, a bunch of coffee and a lot of dedication to making sure the addition is functional, attractive and offers balanced loot spawns to maximize the potential gameplay. Database engineer It had been specifically designed for Epoch Chernarus in mind.

Well Tikhaya city (named so for its location above Bay Tikahaya on the SW corner of the map) is pretty much what it says on the tin, another city to add to the existing three; Chernogorsk, Electrovodsk and Berezino. Data recovery california It Contains:

As mentioned the city is ideally positioned/built to accomodate for many different types of player game style to maximise potential gameplay, whether that be sniping into/out of the city. Moto x data recovery Close quarters combat in the narrow city streets, hit and run armed vehicle dashes to get supplies and get out quick and anything in between.

Here is a link to the image album containing an overview of the city, and multiple screenshots showcasing the city at ground level so you can see the ridiculous amount of detail I pumped in to get this city perfect:

For instructions on installation check out my other thread —-> http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2328-for-all-aspiring-dayz-architects-how-to-make-custom-map-content/ and skip to the end bit about publishing content, editing the exec VM where necessary.

This is a large edit and may be worth adding a custom map marker indicating the location of the city so people know it is there, and please credit any use of the addition. Database administrator I have taken so much from you guys as you help out me and so many others over the development of this mod, so thanks again guys. Database acid Hope you enjoy!