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CDMA-based mobile networks, technically, do not require the SIM card because user can be identified through devices. Data recovery iphone But as almost all carriers is moving to 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), which requires a SIM card, almost all carriers now require SIM card based phones.

But for some users who need a business number and a separate personal number, they may want to use 2 or more SIM cards in one phone, instead of carrying two or more phones.

Nowadays, in addition to business users, more users may want to use one SIM card for mobile data and the other one for voice. Ease use data recovery Many travelers may also want to take advantage of a local SIM card together with a home SIM card.

Anyway, dual SIM phones are NOT new things. Free database software Such phones were offered even before Android. Raid 0 data recovery software Dual standby vs dual active: what’s the difference?

Dual standby means both SIM cards can connect (listen) to their own mobile networks. Mail database These two SIM cards in the same phone can even be from one carrier. Hdata recovery master In this case, both are connected to the same mobile network independently, just like from two different phones.

However, in dual standby Android phones, there is only one set of hardware (mainly receiver) to serve two SIM cards. In database In other words, two SIM cards share one set of hardware through time sharing algorithms implemented in the software level.

The difference between dual standby and dual active phones is significant when one of the SIM card is engaged in a call or data connection through 2G network.

Because 2G voice calls uses circuit switched data connection. Drupal 7 database query This means once the call is engaged, the SIM card will use the receiver exclusively. Data recovery usa So, for dual standby phones, this means the other SIM card will lose mobile network connection (unregistered). Data recovery business If someone calls you to the number associated with the unregistered SIM card at this time, the call will be unreachable. Database visualization Depending on your settings with your carrier (not your phone), you can choose to divert call to voicemail, or divert call to other numbers, or do not divert.

For dual active phones, this is not an issue because each SIM card uses its own receiver. Data recovery qatar When one SIM card is engaged in call, the other SIM card is still registered in its own carrier’s network and is reachable. Data recovery no root In this case, if someone calls this number, depending on vendor’s software implementation, you usually will get a notification for an incoming call. Database keywords You can choose to hold the call or even initiate a 3-party voice call (conference call).

• When you are using one of the SIM cards for voice calling (or sending SMS) through 2G network, the other SIM card will be disabled in dual standby phones.

When using 3G or 4G mobile data on one SIM card on a dual standby phone, the other SIM card will NOT be disabled. Normalization in database 3G and 4G LTE mobile data connection always uses packet switching, which does not require exclusive usage of the receiver. Database 3nf Although 2G (or 2.5G as named by some carriers) mobile data GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and Edge (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) actually are both packet based. Database server But due to the implementation, exclusive use of the receiver is usually needed. Data recovery wd passport Why and when some dual SIM dual standby phones may work like dual SIM dual active phones?

In recent years, many carriers have rolled out voLTE (voice over LTE). Relational database management system Some may marketed it as HD voice or crystal voice or something else. Database generator VoLTE uses 4G LTE mobile network for voice calls. Database 3nf example This means the call, if implemented properly, does not require exclusive use of the receiver. Data recovery hard drive software It is similar to VoIP (voice over IP); but with different protocols. Iphone 4 data recovery .

So, dual standby Android phones may work like dual active phones when you are engaged a voice call through voLTE. Database logo In this case, if someone calls you in the other SIM card, you should get an incoming call notification as in a dual active Android phone. Moto g data recovery But you cannot put any call on-hold or on-wait, even your carrier support these.

In dual active Android phones, normally you can put any call on-hold or on-wait. Database analyst salary You can even initiate 3-party conference call if your carrier mobile network support it.