Droid memory wipes and hidden back ups – game masters – ffg community

My players have a droid head they are planning on selling to a collector type. Data recovery live cd They want to wipe the memory before they do so, but I had already decided that the droid has a backup that it restores its memory from after a wipe, basing this on a WEG claim that this is how R2-D2 had avoided memory wipes himself. Data recovery clean room Thing is, I also want to make sure my players have a chance to discover this when they do the wipe because, well, they would have a chance to find it, wouldn’t they.

How should I do the memory wipe roll? Should I just do it the same as any other memory wiping, with success wiping the memory but they only find the backup on a Triumph or X-number of Advantages? Or should finding the backup be a separate roll? Not done a memory wiping in game yet so I could set up the rule now that they need to make a roll before actually doing the memory wipe to find their way around and set up the droid brain, during which they could find the backup.

Have you done memory wipes in game before? If so, how did you work them and their effects? Do you also allow PCs to go through droid memories selectively, as in search for specific memories? Have you done droid reprogramming? Not got Special Modifications (despite repeated attempts), so I haven’t been able to check to see if any of these questions in there?

BTW I am not 100% sure if zeroing out is 100% full proof to delete data, there are a few papers which suggest that detailed analysis of the platters could lead to successful data recovery, basically old data leaves magnetic traces.

Nope, there are some more advanced methods used by the govts. Database view But I think we should take in mind that it is not only opposed check but also enormous amount of time and very expensive equipment to recover data through “magnetic reading”. Data recovery fort lauderdale At least that how it looked when I read about companies who do such tricks (not sure what is the correct name for this operation). Data recovery equipment tools So for a guy with just a laptop, I would say it is impossible.

Oh definitely you need the correct equipment and knowledge, though a mechanic tool kit comes already with the tools and any mechanic skill high enough to deal with an impossible check comes with the right ability set as well. Data recovery lab Now time is another issue, having a proper workshop might help there or you just prove to be patient and keep the tech of the group busy for some weeks or months …

Oh and actually I think this would be not an opposed check. Data recovery online Maybe competitive, but not really opposed, because the difficulty should be already impossible or formidable.