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Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) is implemented in software, shared-nothing storage replication between servers mirrored block device content solutions. Database query tools Its core functionality through Linux kernel implementation of the file system is closer than the operating system kernel and the IO stack. Database 2000 DRBD is a kernel module and associated scripts constituted for building high availability clusters. Database business rules This is done to mirror the entire device through the network.

Iphone 5 data recovery You can think of it as a network RAID. Database implementation It allows users to build a real-time image of the block device on the remote machine.

When b, asynchronous mirroring, when local write request has been completed on the local write operation, began to write the corresponding server.

DRBD mainly on the disk resource management and control, so DRBD module, resources are available to copy all removable storage devices in general.

Receive all updates from a peer node, it can not be applied can not be read-write access. Raid 1 data recovery software The main objective is to maintain a buffer and data consistency.

Automatic clustering manual intervention and management programs can change the role of resources. Seagate data recovery Dominated by resource can be transformed, and the primary to the secondary. Database report 1

You can configure the sync rate according to the network bandwidth or network resources and the use of temporary rate, variable rate and so on.

split brain actually refers to, in some cases, cause two nodes drbd disconnected, both as a primary to run. Data recovery specialist If the other party is primary state, immediately disconnect itself when a primary node drbd connection destination node is ready to send information when and concluded that the current split brain has occurred, and this time he will record the following information in the system log: ” Split-Brain detected, dropping connection! “after the occurrence of split brain, if you view the connection status, which will have at least one StandAlone state, the other may also StandAlone (if it is also found that the split brain state), there may be WFConnection state .

And after-sb-0pri in the same repair strategy. Data recovery iphone 6 If you use these strategies can harm the brain split option, that can be automatically resolved. Database building Otherwise, the same disconnect the specified action.

pri-lost-after-sb program. Data recovery top 10 This procedure must be confirmed in handlers in the configuration, and taking into account the removal of the nodes in the cluster.

after-sb-2pri: When two nodes are in the main role, split brain was discovered. Database hosting Second option and after-sb-1pri same keyword, discard secondary nodes and consensus.

OCFS2. Data recovery best When deploying dual master mode, DRBD is load-balanced clusters, which need to select from the two main nodes in a concurrent preferred

Received written confirmation that the completion of the write operation. Data recovery program No data is lost, mainstream configuration, I / O throughput is dependent on the network bandwidth.