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How many times have you mistakenly deleted the wrong version of a Word document, a folder full of photos from your last holidays or a PowerPoint that you had to present in class the following day? Sometimes you’ve probably been lucky enough to find the file in question in the Recycling Bing, but on other occasions, you simply can’t find the files you’ve deleted.

Thank god that for such purpose we can resort to programs like Recuva with which we can recover from our PC any lost or accidentally deleted files, whether on our local hard drives or any other removable unit, such as external memories, USB sticks, photo cameras or memory cards. Data recovery windows How to use it to recover our files?

Developed by the guys behind CCleanr, its aspect and functionality are very similar to those of the booster and clear. Database definition Simply install the program, choose the folder or unit, and hit the Scan button.

Data recovery definition T he application will show us a list of all the recoverable files, including photos, documents, executables and other files that we’ve probably never seen before.

Just browse the list and select the file or files you want to recover (you’ve got the chance to operate over the files individually or in batches) and click on the Recover button to return them to their original location.

And how long does it take to recover my photos or files? Well, the recovery process is carried out almost instantly. Database or database What takes longer is the scanning of the location where the files have been lost or deleted, and that amount of time will obviously depend on the size of the folder and the number of documents thereby contained. Data recovery software windows Main features

As you’ve probably imagined, this program isn’t the only software of its nature or with these features. Cost of data recovery There are many other alternatives out there to recover files from our PC: Panda Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery or Get Data Back. Database first entity framework But the most comparable application, due to its feature and options, is definitely Ontrack’s EasyRecovery.

And you logically want to know which is the most recommendable option for your PC. Data recovery iphone 5 The truth is that both programs are very similar and at the end of the day, the fulfill their purpose of bringing our files back to life. Raid 0 data recovery But Recuva has a few advantages over its rival. 7 data recovery serial key On the one hand, it’s backed by the experience of the developers at Piriform, very used to dealing with all sorts of computer problems, and on the other, it’s totally free whilst EasyRecovery only offers us a 30-day trial version. Database modeling Is there a Recuva for Android?

Due to this program’s usefulness, the users of other platforms are constantly searching for a Mac or Android version to recover their files on these systems. A database record is an entry that contains Unfortunately, there’s no kind of DMG or PKG file for Apple’s operating system, despite the fact that many developers try to offer software with similar features.

There’s no official APK to be installed on smartphones or tablets, but you can also go for the option of connecting your mobile device straight to your computer, enabling the USB Debugging mode so that Windows recognizes it as just another removable unit. Java database From there on, you can scan your phone looking for lost files as if it were a folder on your computer.