Doe policy for digital research data management_ faqs _ department of energy

Requirements, Guidance, and FAQs specific to the sponsoring DOE office can be found under the Requirements and Guidance from DOE Sponsoring Offices. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf ​ ​

All DOE solicitations and invitations for research funding issued after October 1, 2015 will include DMP requirements. Database key definition Some DOE sponsoring research offices have already begun requiring DMPs as part of research proposals.

In the majority of cases, a DMP will be required as part of the research proposal.

Database hierarchy In this case, the Department of Energy reserves the right to reject, without merit review, any proposal that does not include a DMP. Data recovery on mac In some cases, the DMP will not be required until later in the selection and procurement process. Data recovery kali linux Please consult the relevant requirements of the funding solicitation or contact the cognizant sponsoring research office for details including when the DMP will be required.

Each sponsoring research office reserves the right not to select a proposal for funding if the DMP fails to comply with the Department’s and the office’s requirements.

• I am a DOE laboratory employee requesting research funding from the Department of Energy that is not connected to any Funding Opportunity Announcement. I card data recovery Do I need to submit a DMP?

No. Database name This policy only applies to proposals for research funding submitted directly to the Department and does not apply to proposals to use DOE User Facilities or other DOE laboratory infrastructure or services. Database quiz Any requirements or guidance related to your proposal will be issued by that facility.

Yes. Database url Please see specific program guidance on how to prepare a DMP associated with an SBIR or STTR application. Os x data recovery free DMP requirements for the ARPA-E SBIR and STTR programs will be detailed in the relevant solicitation.

• Part or all of my proposed research is considered Human Subjects Research (HSR), which includes research involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Fda 510 k database What special requirements apply to the DMP I submit with this proposal?

For proposals with HSR, including research involving PII, an appropriate research protocol will need to be approved by the appropriate DOE Institutional Review Board (IRB) or an external IRB with an approved federal wide assurance. Database research Follow the instructions of the research solicitation to determine whether or not the data management aspects of this protocol should be included in the DMP. Graph database At a minimum, the DMP should acknowledge the type of HSR and/or PII involved and give a projected timeline for IRB approval. Data recovery android free Information regarding DOE requirements for HSR and research involving PII, including how to obtain IRB approval, can be found here.

The Principal Investigator or other appropriate research lead should determine which data should be the subject of the DMP and, in the DMP, propose which data should be shared and/or preserved in accordance with the Requirements. Database software The focus of this policy is Digital Research Data.

• The data or data products from my research will likely be cited by me and/or others. Database software definition What should I to do ensure that these are cited appropriately and that I receive proper attribution for their use in others’ research?

There are no global standards for how to cite data products. Database error 7719 at exe Suggestions for what information to include in a citation for your data product and how to format this information can be found here. Data recovery nj To facilitate the citation of data products, the DOE encourages the use of persistent identifiers such as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). Iphone 6 data recovery mac DOIs facilitate the accurate linking between publications and data products. Database design tool In most cases, the DOE can provide DOIs free of charge for datasets resulting from DOE-funded research through its Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) DataID Service.

There are no global standards for how to cite data products. H data recovery software You should refer to any guidance provided by the author of the data product. 1 care data recovery software Further suggestions and guidance can be found here, including guidance for data products with persistent identifiers.

• How does this policy address sharing and preservation of supporting materials in physical form (e.g. Database user interface in notebooks) or physical collections?

Costs associated with the scope of work and resources articulated in a DMP may be included in the proposed research budget as permitted by the appropriate cost principles.

The DMP is part of the overall conditions of the funded research and, as such, it is expected that researchers will follow, to the best of their ability, the proposed research and associated data management plan. Data recovery jaipur Failure to do so may negatively influence future funding opportunities.