Dex _ this site covers the use of dex, a data visualization tool

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity and productivity; enough to merit checking in with folks and sharing what I have been up to and what I have learned.

I’ve been busy refactoring the core views which drive Dex visualizations; spending a ton of time in the Javascript visuals. Database link I’m like a kid in a candy story, excited about how things are coming together.

I finally decided to share small examples of the work via gists and blocks.

Database google Here is a series of them that I have created in the past week or so:

Most of the changes have already found their way into Dex and I’ve checked in a ton of changes into the github site. Database update If you get your Dex release via git, its worth checking out.

Assuming you have git installed and Java 8 (I use revision 121 currently, but lower versions of Java 8 will probably work), installation can be done in 3 steps.

If you get it via official releases, it’ll be awhile before I package another one up. Data recovery news It’s time consuming and I don’t feel like breaking stride just yet.

Next, I’ve been putting effort into the dexjs site. Data recovery austin I think that I prefer it as both a website and blogging facility. Data recovery micro sd card Once I work all the kinks out of it, I’ll be migrating Dex into something separate,but similar.

The main reason for the move is control. Database relationship diagram I am using Hugo to deploy the static site and I end up having much more control over the content. Data recovery services near me It’s not as polished looking as but I feel it can be as good or better in the long run.

Most importantly, rather than linking to external sites for live content, I can embed it directly into the discussion. Database worksheet As the blog posts I’ve been writing over there indicate. Database constraints Here are a few of them:

• Introducing the new Treemap – Here I introduce a new Treemap which is also available in Dex. Database vault Having live examples inline in the blog article really makes a difference.

• D3 v3/v4 Cohabitation – Here I discuss a technique for mixing two incompatible versions of the same library (D3) into the same framework and getting them actually to interact well weith one another.

Lastly, now that ANTLR has a Javascript target, I am considering writing a web based language for data visualization. Qmobile data recovery software I haven’t forgotten the dream that Brett Victor left me with in his series on Drawing Dynamic Visualizations and Stop Drawing Dead Fish. Tally erp 9 data recovery software I feel that a more expressive language might be the gateway to achieving this.

Lastly, just so this idea doesn’t die, I was thinking about creating a tool which allows Force Tree visualization of the DOM tree in realtime. 7 databases in 7 weeks This would come in handy for debugging other visuals which manipulate the DOM and allow me a tool for quickly understanding the anatomy of a visual and how it changes as one interacts with it. 3 database models Maybe tieing the Player and Network components together from dex.js and storing DOM changes in frames so that I could play through them.

In the spirit of promoting dex.js as a separate but foundation technology of Dex, I have created a new site called which is fully dedicated to sharing information pertaining to the javascript framework.

I really struggled and spent tons of my vacation time trying to figure out which static site generator I could get most productive with. Database programmer salary I wanted to be able to write documentation, blog entries and such with live javascript embedded within rather than through remotely hosted links like I have to do with wordpress.

The verdict? I finally decided on Hugo in spite of the seemingly greater popularity of Jekyll. Database developer salary The main reason for me was ease of use and much fewer dependencies. Data recovery agent It’s also super-fast with a live-update option I’ve grown to love.

If everything works out, I’ll also be migrating this blog over as well. Data recovery usb flash drive But first, I want to work the kinks out of using Hugo with for awhile.

There’s lots of talk nowdays about the cloud, containerization, so I decided to see what it would take to run a JavaFX application within a docker container.

Due to some Oracle licensing requirements the version of Oracle Java 8 is not bundled like normal linux packages, but rather has to be downloaded and installed from a special repository called webupd8. Data recovery windows This small amount of additional complexity is also reflected in the Dockerfile we will cover below. Database definition Why Docker?

• Reproducible installations — Since docker ships a machine with the application, if it runs on the source application container, it’s almost guaranteed to run on the target environment.

It would be nice to break it up some, but there’s a good reason that we don’t. Data recovery definition Multiple RUNs within a Dockerfile will cause the creation of multiple layers; one per RUN. Database or database We’re trying to minimize this, and the objective causes some ugliness. Data recovery software windows It’s necessary though.

Will create a dex image. Cost of data recovery It’ll take a few minutes to run. Database first entity framework Remember, it’s creating a vm image, updating it to spec, installing oracle and dex. Data recovery iphone 5 That’s a lot!

I have come to the conclusion that specialized wrapper/runner systems such as Grunt and Gulp are unnecessary technical debt. Raid 0 data recovery I had previously been using Gulp and all the pertinent Gulp add-ons that I needed and it was a source of complexity.

Previously, in my node_modules directory I had 54 node packages spread across 31,239 files taking up 343M of disk space. 7 data recovery serial key That’s a lot of overhead for a javascript visualization library!

As I considered ripping all of this out with a simple Makefile replacement, I came across an insightful article “Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp” written by Keith Cirkel. Database modeling He follows up with a prescriptive article “How to us NPM as a build tool”.

Things are much simplier now. A database record is an entry that contains I have a package.json that specifies how my application is laid out and defines a few scripts for creating build distributions, testing and creating documentation.

“build”: “browserify src/dex.js –standalone dex > dist/dex.js && browserify src/dex.js –standalone dex | uglifyjs > dist/dex.min.js && browserify src/dex.maps.js –standalone dex > dist/dex.maps.js && browserify src/dex.maps.js –standalone dex | uglifyjs > dist/dex.maps.min.js”,

I have my main 4 task defined as scripts. Java database Within WebStorm I can execue individual scripts with a single button click. Easeus data recovery 9 serial It’s minimalistic, though script strings can get unwieldy. Iphone 5 data recovery software free Here are my new set of dependencies. Database partitioning I now have 7 package dependencies spread across 6,750 files taking up a total of 45M of disk space. Database gif That’s much better than my previous 54 node packages spread across 31,239 files taking up 343M of disk space.

I also get rid of 6-7 gulpfiles and targets and my build system is a lot more understandable, much less complex with an order of magnitude fewer dependencies. Database project ideas Where to go from here?

From here, I am going to focus on defining a package.json compliant enough to allow for distribution via npm in addition to the github repository.