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Hello,This is the first time I am using this forum. Database name sql I am stuck and need some help. Database management I received this error message both on SQL 2005 and 2008. Data recovery miami I am currently using SQL 2008 DEV for testing purposes and I am experiencing this error message when trying to connect to Database Engine Tuning Advisor.

H2 database viewer I am using the SA account so I should not have any security issues. Database replication Also this is a fresh install of SQL 2008 DEV on a fresh install of Windows XP Pro with all SP. Database record Can some please help.Error:Failed to initialize MSDB database for tuning (exit code: -1073741819). Data recovery certification (DTAClient)===================================

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Client.TuningServer.InitializeTuningParametersDatabase() at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Client.TuningServer.InitializeConnection() at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Client.TuningServer.Connect() at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Shell.SessionMonitor.AddServerInternal(SqlConnectionInfo connectionInfo, SqlConnection connection) at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Shell.SessionMonitor.AddServer(SqlConnectionInfo connectionInfo, SqlConnection connection) at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DTA.Shell.SessionMonitor.OnConnect(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Hello, I am having an extremely odd problem with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, on SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x64. Database programs It was working fine, and I was tuning the queries for a bunch of database views we have created. Raid 1 data recovery About 2/3 of the way through the list DTA began getting stuck on Submitting Configuration Information every time it was run. Database 2016 I get no error messages, it just sits and spins on Submitting Configuration Information for days and days at a time. Key value database When other users view my session, its status says ready as though it had never started, but I am unable to start nor stop it until I close out of it and simply delete it out of the Session Monitor on the left. Database mirroring Other users are able to run sessions without issue, and nothing has changed on the server. Data recovery techniques I get the same behavior whether I am tuning a query or a workload file. Data recovery using linux **Edit** A workload file eventually died on the first step with the nebulous Tuning process exited unexpectedly. Data recovery apple There are no entries in dbo.DTA_tuninglog. Data recovery google store In dbo.DTA_progress, only TuningStage 0 is present for that SessionID.I have tried using a different SQL user, rebooting, uninstalling all SQL Server components from my PC then re-installing them, and deleting out all previous DTA session data with no luck. Database works We have also recently installed SP2 for SQL Server 2005 on the server, and I updated my local installation with Microsoft Update. Data recovery cheap The problem persists. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency I would appreciate any input you could provide!Thanks,Konrad WillmertIndiana Wesleyan University

DTA does not apply any recommendations, unless you tell it you want to apply the recommendations. Data recovery usb stick Your best bet is to compare the query plans, if possible, to see how they differ. Database companies Also, you can look for the object names DTA used to when it generated its scripts in your database. Database application It is very possible that someone else ran DTA and applied their recommendations, which makes it look like DTA auto applied recommendatinos. Database online Look for object names like DTA, for verification. Database high availability You can compare the names of the objects in your DTA script to the names of the newly created objects (assuming they exist) to see if any one else ran DTA.

I’m sure no one else really ran it or applied it. Database utility No one else apart from me here knows how to do it either (which is good, because if the recommendations are applied, it would pretty much hoze the sever , due to the extremely large indexes (over 350+GB). Data recovery zagreb Last time we scheduled a index job over the weekend, and it basically brought the server to a halt (in terms of query response time) and all our web users were getting timeouts. Database javascript So if someone applied this on a mid-day production with 500+ concurrent users, it would be a disaster. Database administrator jobs Actually the number of concurrent users are about 20,000+ , but thank good ness for the application cache layer, many of the requests are cached.

It is likely that your DTA session had the auto apply option set. Data recovery for iphone You can verify this by quering index metadata tables sys.indexes. Data recovery victoria bc You should see names like DTA_ for indexes created by DTA.

BTW, The database is currently set to Auto update stats (whichis default). 10k database However I was thinking as this a very busy database and also with large tables and indexesand we have 100’s of concurrent users, would it be a good idea to set Auto update statistics Asynchronously ? This way the queries don’t have to wait for new statistics

I personally like the default option better because huge shifts in data can negatively impact query performance. Data recovery software mac In an OLTP system, you typically want the stats as current as possible, so the optimizer has the best information to make optimal query plans. Cost of data recovery from hard drive http://jahaines.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your reply. S cerevisiae database I actually read this before I started DTA the first time. Snl database I did not change any settings except where needed (picked one database to tune). Database 4500 Today I also

looked into Windows EventLog for anything which could explain the failure, but I found nothing on both the Server running DTA and the SQL Server itself.

made sure Save tuning log is selected. Data recovery miami fl Unfortunatly I don’t see any hint where to find it. Data recovery sd card However, according to Tuning Log below Progress it’s empty.

I’m running 2005 SP2 – Database Tuning Advisor. Uottawa database I receive the error 99% of consumed workload has syntax errors while processing a trace file. Top 10 data recovery software free download Database Tuning Advisor doesn’t like the format of the tracefile from the Sql profile. Database query optimization Most of my statement are parameterized queries running as a batch from jdbc. Qmobile data recovery The trace file has about 500000 rows, so changing the format by hand isn’t going to happen. No 1 data recovery software Here’s is two example rows from a standard trace file I collected with Sql Profiler. Data recovery iphone free SQL:BatchStarting create proc #jtds000055 as UPDATE DMActivityLogStrng SET criteriaString = ‘Importing Journal Completed data set: journal.lineitemlocation’ WHERE activityLogId = 14 AND stringTypeId = 57 jTDS gold 123 53 2008-06-04 22:07:28.920 SQL:BatchCompleted create proc #jtds000055 as UPDATE DMActivityLogStrng SET criteriaString = ‘Importing Journal Completed data set: journal.lineitemlocation’ WHERE activityLogId = 14 AND stringTypeId = 57 jTDS gold 0 26 0 0 123 53 2008-06-04 22:07:28.920 2008-06-04 22:07:28.920 RPC:Completed exec #jtds000055 jTDS gold 0 14 1 3 123 53 2008-06-04 22:07:28.920 2008-06-04 22:07:28.920 0X0000000001000000160023006A007400640073003000300030003000350035001400000003000600380469006E00740000000000I also tried the sql profiler tuning and I received the same error.

Hi David,Even though this is a rather old post, I would still like to contribute my findings on this issue :)I faced the same problem yesterday. Database 11g I had two instances of SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition 64 bit running on two separate virtual machines (not belonging to the same domain).I tried to use the Test Server for the workload in order not to add additional workload on my Production Server.I got the same error message you got saying that the shell database could not be created on my Test Server.After several attempts, the following approach worked:1. Data recovery thumb drive I used two different SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Instances on the same virtual machine. Data recovery hardware tools 2. Os x data recovery I used the Trusted Connection option (-E) on the DTA utility command instead of SQL Server auhentication.Of course, I realize that in real world there will be two separate machines hosting the SQL Server instances for Production and Test.Though, what I believe that was the problem is that during my previous unsuccessful attempts, the two virtual machines did not belong to the same domain.So I would suggest trying the following:1. R studio data recovery download Make sure that you are not using an unsupported tuning option. Data recovery western digital The following link provides the unsupported tuning options: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345360.aspx2. Top 5 data recovery software Ensure that the two SQL Server instances are the same SQL Server editions.3. Data recovery mac Ensure that the two machines belong to the same domain.4. Use the Trusted Connection option in the DTA utility command.Resources:1. Database website MSDN BOL Link for DTA utility: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162812.aspx2. Data recovery denver Available Tuning Options for Database Engine Tuning Advisor: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345379.aspxHope this helps!Cheers,ArtemakisArtemakis Artemiou, SQL Server MVP, MCP, MCTS:SQL Server 2005, MCTS:SQL Server 2008 (Charter Member).