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Find a Specific Test Search by instrument name or acronym and limit to the Publication Type: Questionnaire/Scale [documents with partial or complete examples of questionnaires or scales] or Research Instrument [special CINAHL records that describe research instruments and may have an instrument appended];

Find Test for a Variable Search by keyword in the Instrumentation field and/or limit to the Publication Type: Tests/Questionnaires; OR search by keyword in the Instrumentation Index (click on More at the navigation bar at the top of the page and select Indexes)

Find Test Reviews Search by instrument name and additional subject headings such as (MH “Reliability and Validity+”); OR limit search results by selecting Publication Types: Research Instrument Utilization or Research Instrument Validation

largest database of education literature in the world; includes a variety of document types including journal articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, and books

Find a Specific Test Search by instrument name or acronym and limit to Publication Type: Tests/Questionnaires [articles where an instrument is included]

Find Test Reviews Search by instrument name and additional keyword or thesaurus terms such as test validity, content validity, construct validity, interrater reliability, test reliability, test reviews, etc. Database java in the Descriptor field

comprehensive bibliographic coverage of a wide variety of evaluation and measurement tools for health and psychosocial studies, includes instruments not commercially or widely available

Find a Specific Test Search by instrument name or acronym in the TI or AC field. Data recovery android Select Primary Source in search options under Source Code. C database tutorial View individual records to see the source reference.

contains information on instruments/indexes employed in Health Services Research, and the Behavioral and Social Sciences with links to PubMed and additional resources.

Find a Specific Test Search Instrument/Indices only or browse (click Browse link in the left navigation column) the Instrument/Indices database By Title or By Source

Find a Specific Test/ Find Test for Variable Browse the list of instruments on the Instruments page; brief descriptions of the instruments and links to more information, including publisher, are included

describes more than 2,000 standardized English-language tests that assess personality, aptitude, achievement, intelligence, and other neuropsychological behavior. Data recovery services cost Only the descriptive material and reviews are available full-text. Data recovery professional The tests are available for purchase. Data recovery images Coverage is 1989 – present.

public repository of information on evidence-based care quality measures and measure sets, sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

comprehensive reference tool for clinical nurses including documents providing descriptions of research instruments, clinical assessment tools, psychological tests, and attitude measures

Find Test for a Variable Using Advanced Search, select Research Instruments as the Document type and search by variable; OR click the Practice Resources tab on the search page then select Research Instruments to browse by category of instrument: Attitude Measures, Clinical Assessment Tools, Neuropsychological Tests, Personality Tests, Psychological Tests, Questionnaires, Research Instruments, Scales

site dedicated to identification and description of patient related outcomes (PRO) and quality of life (QOL) instruments; provides descriptions of over 690 questionnaires

Find a Specific Test/ Find Test for a Variable Browse by alphabetical list of instruments, generic instruments, disease, target population, author’s name; OR use the Search Engine to select from available Criterion options. Database management system Copies of tests are not available from this site without a subscription.

comprehensive index to dissertations and theses from all fields of study, 1861-present. Sony xperia z data recovery Full text of any dissertations not online is available through interlibrary loan.

Find a Specific Test/Find Test for a Variable Search by instrument name or by variable. Note 3 data recovery Check the appendices of dissertations for the full-text instruments used.

Find a Specific Test Search by instrument name or acronym in one search box; in another search box type in the word ‘appended’ and select the Tests and Measures field. Database image OR

Find Test Reviews Search by instrument name in the Tests & Measures or Keyword or Abstract fields; add additional thesauraus terms such as Test Validity, Test Reliability in the Subjects field

provides access to primarily unpublished tests developed by researchers. S note data recovery All records include a summary of the test as well as the history of its development. Database 4d What sets PsycTESTS apart is, in many cases, the inclusion of the actual testing instrument.

Find Test Reviews Use keywords such as validity, reliability or use MeSH terms such as validation studies[pt], validation studies as topic[mh], reproducibility of results[mh]

“All of the surveys and tools from RAND Health are public documents, available without charge (for non-commercial purposes). List of data recovery software Some materials listed are not available from RAND Health. Types of data recovery Links will take you to other websites, where you will find instructions for use.”

bibliographic database of over 1,800 journals, conference papers, dissertations, book reviews and selected sociology books on sociology, social welfare, social planning and development.

Find Test for a Variable Search by keyword and additional terms such as Measures (Instruments) in the Subject Headings field OR questionnaire*, test*, scale*, measure*, etc. Data recovery android app in the Identifier field

Find Test Reviews Search by instrument name or acronym and additional thesaurus terms such as reliability, validity, etc. Z a r data recovery in the Subject Heading field

database of over 225 questionnaires and interviews intended to assist treatment providers and researchers with screening and assessment of substance use and substance use disorders. Database hacking Measures that are widely used and have proven reliability and validity are noted with a gold star.

Find a Specific Test Search or browse by instrument name or acronym; view full records to see the Use & Availability and Copy of Instrument fields

Find a Specific Test Search by instrument name and sort results by times cited; view original articles describing the instrument development for clues on how to obtain

Find Test Reviews Run Cited Reference Search on the original article describing the instrument to find citing articles that may discuss validity and/or reliability of the instrument; OR search by instrument name in the Title field and additional terms such as validity, validation, reliability, etc. Data recovery las vegas in the Topic field