Database backups – ca spectrum – 9.4.1 to 9.4.4 – ca technologies documentation

Important! The database backup methods that are described in this section, Online Backup and the SSdbsave utility, are the only supported methods of backing up the SpectroSERVER database. Database clustering Use of third-party backup software can result in database corruption.

Online Backup lets you create a backup copy of your SpectroSERVER database without having to shut down the SpectroSERVER. Icare data recovery Depending on your requirements, you can perform online backups on demand, or you can schedule regular backups to be performed automatically.

Data recovery jacksonville fl If disk space is limited, you can configure Online Backup to compress backup files automatically using the CA Spectrum gzip utility.

Online Backup saves the entire database, including the modeling catalog and models. 510 k database search However, neither Online Backup nor a manual backup operation saves the following information:

Online Backup activity is recorded as events associated with the VNM model. Database engineer CA Spectrum reports errors that were encountered during backup operations as alarms.

Polling, trap handling, and network management activities are suspended during this first step. Data recovery california The process is relatively short, but as a best practice, consider how often and when to schedule automatic save operations. Moto x data recovery The time to perform a copy operation depends on your workstation hardware and the database size.

The Online Backup does not, by itself, save the DDM database. Database administrator However, you can configure the post_olb_script to execute automatically and save the DDM database whenever an Online Backup of the SpectroSERVER database is performed.

Note: In a fault-tolerant environment, verify that you are logged on to both the primary and secondary SpectroSERVER as the same user before running Online Backup.

When automatic backups are enabled, backup files can accumulate in your backup directory and deplete the available disk space. Database acid To avoid backup failures, delete files occasionally or move backup files to a more permanent storage medium. Database 10g Configure Online Backup

When you configure online backup, you can specify the backup interval and the date and time of the first scheduled backup. Database news For more advanced scheduling options, use the StartOnlineBackup application in the $SPECROOT/SS-Tools directory to initiate online backups. Database key value The StartOnlineBackup application can be launched from either the Task Scheduler or the crontab for the host system. Data recovery pro review The advanced scheduling options in the StartOnlineBackup application can avoid problems where daylight savings time skews scheduled backups.

If enabled, online backups are automatically performed with the Online Backup feature according to the time interval specified in the Backup Interval setting.

Specifies the interval between automatic backups in hours and minutes. Data recovery windows 8 We recommend using the default interval of 24 hours and 0 (zero) minutes so that the database is backed up at the same time every day. Data recovery devices Enter any value. Moto g data recovery software For example, 168 hours and 0 minutes (for a one-week interval) and 10,080 minutes (also for a one-week interval) are equivalent.

Displays the date and time for the next scheduled backup. Data recovery windows 10 You can specify a date and time for the first backup. Database youtube However, subsequent backups are performed at the interval that is specified in the Backup Interval setting.

If enabled, backup files are compressed using the compression utility before being written to disk. H2 database console Compressed files are saved with a .gz suffix appended to the filename. Database browser If disabled, files are saved uncompressed. Database help The default value is Enabled.

Specifies the user-defined portion of the backup file name. Database vendors The default prefix is “db_”. Database key However, you can specify any character string that creates a legal file name for the system on which you are running SpectroSERVER. Data recovery live cd If unset, no prefix is added to the file name.