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At EnterpriseDB ® (EDB ™), we are sometimes presented with individual customer use cases or requests that call for the development of innovative solutions to support their deployment of the EDB Postgres Platform. Data recovery nj For example, one of our customers wanted to leverage Oracle ® Logical standby for replication to EDB Postgres.

DBAs and database architects can use the EDB Postgres Replication Server for replicating data from Oracle Logical replication to the EDB Postgres Platform.

Iphone 6 data recovery mac However, the process of setting up the replication requires extra steps. Database design tool Because this was a very interesting use case, I thought a blog containing the recommended steps for using the EDB Postgres Replication Server with Oracle Logical Standby would provide some guidance for many end users. H data recovery software There are instances where this could support strategic replication deployments where EDB Postgres is complementing a legacy solution.

To use EDB Postgres Replication Server 6.0, users should make sure Oracle Logical Standby is in standby guard status. 1 care data recovery software The following is a list of guard status for Oracle Logical Standby: ALTER DATABASE GUARD Mode

Let’s create the EDB Postgres Replication Server between Oracle Logical Standby and EDB Postgres. Database user interface We will be leveraging the EDB Postgres Replication Server command line interface for building publications and subscriptions. Data recovery jaipur If you are not familiar with the EDB Postgres Replication Server command line interface options, please refer to the following link for more information:

The DBA/User should execute the above PL/SQL block in Oracle Logical Standby to make sure triggers fire when a process changes the base table. Database platforms By default, in Oracle Logical Standby, triggers never get fired properly in STANDBY guard status.

• Add the subscription database in EDB Postgres Replication Server. Data recovery group The following command can be used for adding the subscription database. Database xls In our case, we have the EDB Postgres database add:

The above change is needed because the EDB Postgres Replication Server acquires a LOCK on tables, managed by logical standby, for creating triggers for publication.

• After creating the publication, please use the following anonymous block to set the EDB Postgres Replication Server trigger property to fire every time there is a change to the base table.

After making the changes on Oracle primary, we can execute SELECT command on Oracle Logical Standby to verify if the data change was replicated by Oracle in logical standby mode.

[root@epas95 /]# ${JAVA_EXECUTABLE_PATH} -jar /usr/ppas-xdb-6.0/bin/edb-repcli.jar -dosynchronize replication_table -repsvrfile ${SUBCONF} -repgrouptype s

The above snapshot shows that after performing -dosynchronize, the EDB Postgres Replication Server was able to replicate incremental changes on Oracle Logical Standby to EDB Postgres.