Data recovery and backups – atlassian documentation

We highly recommend that you establish a data recovery plan that is aligned with your company’s policies. At the very least, you should consider these aspects:

• How much downtime is acceptable? When using a backup strategy with any downtime we recommend scheduling backups at a time of day that minimizes impact on users, e.g., out of office hours.

• How quickly and easily can you restore your data in an emergency? We recommend restoring your backups in a staging environment on a regular basis to ensure that your backup strategy works in the event of a real emergency scenario.

• The home directory on the file system, which contains your repository data, log files, plugins, and so on (see Bitbucket Server home directory for more detail).

These two data sources hold the entire state of a Bitbucket instance.

Data recovery technician To backup the complete state of your instance, you need to take consistent snapshots of both using one of the strategies below. If you attempt to restore snapshots containing inconsistencies then there is a risk of corruption or data loss in your repositories and pull requests.

(In addition, if you have a remote Elasticsearch instance then search indexes are maintained in Elasticsearch’s data directory, but you don’t have to include this in your backup as it can be completely rebuilt if necessary from the data in your home directory and database.) Bitbucket backup strategies

Bitbucket provides multiple strategies for taking backups free of inconsistencies, and each are summarized in the table below. Database engine tuning advisor Each option has tradeoffs between technical requirements and the amount of downtime involved. Which strategy you choose depends on the scale of your instance, your file system and database technologies, your recovery point objective, and your users’ tolerance of downtime when backups are taken.

An external utility which locks a Bitbucket Server instance and and backs up its entire home directory and database in a vendor-independent format.

High. Data recovery rates Bitbucket is locked for the entire duration of the backup process, which may take several minutes or longer, especially in large organisations.

Supported. Database developer salary Bitbucket tolerates (but does not attempt to resolve) any inconsistencies between the home directory and database after restoring.

Supported. Database backup and recovery Bitbucket can perform an integrity check at restore time to scan for inconsistencies between the home directory and database, and resolve them.

• Requires your home directory to be on a file system volume capable of atomic (block level) snapshots, for example, Amazon EBS, LVM, NetApp, XFS, or ZFS.

• Minimizing the time between database and filesystem snapshots (or using vendor-specific point-in-time recovery) reduces the chances of inconsistencies occurring