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With free CYQ.Data began to return after use, we found that users of the more agitated mood, in order to maintain this constant sexual excitement, so I had the idea of open source.

Also, since the frame after this 5–6 years of continuous evolution, previously issued earlier tutorial has been too far behind, including the use, and related presentations are easily misleading.

To this end, I intend to write a series again to introduce the latest version, so that everyone transition from traditional ORM framework program to automate programming type of thinking (self-made word).

Search .NET open source system in China: ORM, there are number of about 110, found in the .NET system in CodeProject: There ORM, number about 530.

That is, a custom query syntax, each in their own tricks to play, and must play a different, and everyone else a kind, shows no sense of superiority.

At the same time such a wide range of query syntax sugar does not make sense, but also a waste of time many developers, because the cost of learning is to look at a book or a series from entry to the master.

I made in 2009, he was found lying on the hard disk now, willful share on the open source ORM you have not made too little friends use when getting started guide.

In earlier versions of CYQ.Data (specifically not say how early), and compared to traditional brick and mortar type ORM, in addition to eclectic, looks a little wave, encouragement and concern value, it does not feel cool with where .

With the formation of automation framework of thinking, after years of improvement, the gap between now and the entity type ORM longer on the same level.

It looks very simple is not it? Indeed, but it was too immobilized, not smart enough to write upon death, the coupling is perfect for each pair.

2: No database fields and properties and rely on: whether you modify the front end interface, or modify the database, the code behind is not adjusted;

MAction above code, there is a dependence TableNames.Users table, if it becomes the parameters that you will not find the same sky: using (MAction action = new MAction(ParameterTableName))

See here, come back to look at the framework of the open-source ASP.NET Aries AjaxBase, you can understand why the background always so point code can handle any automatic processing tables and data on:

These automatic automation framework programming thinking, ORM entities are not available, can only play a minor entity ORM interface for a bunch of codes knock a bunch of code. Database replication 看一个API接口设计:

To not move, waiting for App Manager product to interface prototypes are finalized, then what elements needed for the App interface, and development App development engineers talk about, and then write a method for the request?

After all, you want to know which table to read, check what data, so that you can only passively? Each additional page or a function, you have to go back to write a bunch of business logic code, and then carry out the FBI?

5: After a realization, for the company to change business change project can also be used, because your design and specific business are decoupled.

Imagine replaced entity ORM, you are not to have a database in advance, generate a bunch of solid bar, and then continued to New specific examples of it, the limitations of thinking can only be limited to the specific business. Database record Framework of abstract thinking and where conditions are derived intelligence

Once I have thought about syntactic sugar, whether to Where this piece is designed to:…. Data recovery certification .Select (…) Where (…) Having (…) GroupBy (…) OrderBy (.. Database programs .) …

3: Not suitable for automatic extension: Design has become the expression, unable to dynamically construct the query dynamically based on certain conditions and Key table! Specific examples of suitable only for business and are not suitable for automatic programming.

Through intelligent derivation removed (because the primary key table different tables are not the same), the smart generation is derived that allows the programmer to pass over the main concern value, rather than focus on any specific named primary key primary key name parameter.

If the value is the “1,2,3” This multi-value separated by commas, the framework will automatically turn into a derivation of the primary key in (1,2,3) condition.

This time the system will be based on the type of value, primary key, unique key equivalent type of comprehensive analysis, the value should be used to construct where the primary key or unique key.

Because intelligent frame derivation function, shielding field differences, so that users only need to pay attention to traditional values. Raid 1 data recovery It also allows you to automate the programming framework for thinking important functions. Database 2016 Automation Batch Programming:

In fact, precisely because DataRow opened the single-line batch data come and go, so it created a batch processing MDataTable of multiple rows of data.

When using programming framework, you will find more concerned about is: the flow of data, and how to build configuration parameters for the abstract system.

In most programming time, in addition to specific fields meaning the need for specific attention, most of them based automated programming thinking, data flow thinking.

Now the system: automation framework programming thinking, but also a high degree of customer loyalty in love with reason, especially after free.