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Warning: Do not add new choices to the list that you see when you select Show Choice List. Data recovery illustrator To add new choices to a choice list field, use the Configure Choices option ( Personalize Choices in versions prior to Fuji). Database management software See Defining Options for Choice Lists for instructions.

The Choice Set [sys_choice_set] table contains a record for every field that uses a choice list (starting with the Dublin release).

Database normalization example The choice set record is associated with an application file, which allows update sets and team development to track and transfer all choices for a field in a single update record.

For example, on the incident table, the Subcategory is dependent on the Category. Database virtualization To customize which subcategory choices are available for the hardware category, select Hardware in the Category field.

You can delete all choices for a choice field from the Choice Set record (starting with the Dublin release). Data recovery machine You may want to use this method when you are developing a new application and the business requirements change. Data recovery cell phone If you are updating a choice list that is already in use, consider deactivating the options you no longer use to avoid conflicts with existing data or scripts that may rely on the previous options.

You can create a choice list for a field with another type (for example, an Integer field). Data recovery wizard free You may use this configuration to standardize data entry and limit available options for a field, while still maintaining the original field type.

• If records on the table contains data for the field, a choice list value for each unique field value is created. Pokemon x database For example, if three records exist on the table and each record has a unique value in the field, then three choices are created.

By default, choice lists are limited to display up to 15 choices. Data recovery chicago When a user types in the field, the list is dynamically filtered to show up to 15 matching choices. R studio data recovery full version If more choices are available, only the first 15 are displayed.

To change the maximum number of choices displayed, navigate to System Properties > System and change the value for the Maximum number of items to show for a dynamic drop-down choice list ( glide.xmlhttp.max_choices) property.

By default, inactive or invalid choice list values appear in blue text instead of black. Database wiki In the following example, the Network category has been deactivated, so it appears in blue for records that still contain the inactive value.

To turn off the color indicator for invalid choices, navigate to System Properties > UI Properties and clear the checkbox for the Display missing choice list entries property.

By default, all choice lists use a width of 160 pixels. Data recovery freeware To change the width for all choice list on the instance, navigate to System Properties > UI Properties and change the value for the “Default choice list width (pixels)” property ( glide.ui.choicelist.defaultwidth).

When you write a script that references a choice list, you need to know the value associated with each choice. Database clustering For example, to check whether the incident_state field is active, you could not use the condition current.incident_state == “active” because the value associated with the choice labelled Active is the integer 2. Icare data recovery Instead, you would use the condition current.incident_state == 2.

To determine the value associated with a choice, right-click on the field label and select Show Choice List, then locate the choice for which you need to know the value.

The — None — option may not have a sys_choice record associated with it. Data recovery jacksonville fl A choice list field set to — None — evaluates to these values, depending on the script context:

Queries on choice list fields use the value, not the label. 510 k database search Some common choice lists use integer values that do not match the string labels. Database engineer For example, the Problem table uses these default values for the State field.

These integer values are also used in several default business rules. Data recovery california For example, a business rule on the Incident table sets the active flag to false when the State field changes to 7, which is the default value for the Closed. Moto x data recovery If you change the values of your Incident state options, this business rule may no longer behave as desired or expected.

• task closer (task): if the active flag changes from true to false and the state is neither 3 (Closed Complete) nor 4 (Closed Incomplete), the state is set to 3 (Closed Complete)

• task reopener (task): if the active flag changes from false to true and the state is either 3 (Closed Complete) or 4 (Closed Incomplete), the state is set to 1 (Open)

Note: Notice that these business rules do not change incident_state based on a change to either the active flag or the state field. Database administrator Changes to incident_state drive the other two fields, not the other way around.

• Search for and study the business rules that use a state number filter on the Script and Conditions fields. Database acid You can use the Debug tool to trace the order of the business rule execution.

Notice that the Closed state has a value of 7 and the Resolved state has a value of 6. Database 10g Any state greater than or equal to 7 is assumed to be inactive.

Therefore, you should use a positive integer greater than 7 if you want to add a new inactive-type of state. Database news Use a negative value like -1 or -2 if you wish to add a new active-type of state field, such as Awaiting Vendor.

Therefore, you should use a positive integer greater than 8 if you want to add a new inactive-type of state, such as Cancelled. Database key value Use a negative value like -1 or -2 if you wish to add a new active-type of state field, such as Pending.

Business rules in the system make assumptions about state values. Data recovery pro review Any changes to these values or the introduction of new state values can lead to unexpected results.

• Construct a filter like this one to view the scripts and conditions that pertain to the Resolved incident_state of 6 or the Closed incident_state value of 7:

The Script field contains 7 OR the Condition field contains 7 OR the Script field contains 6 OR the Condition field contains 6 AND the Table field is incident AND the Active field is true.

See Debug Business Rule for information on how to trace the order of business rule execution. Data recovery windows 8 You can click Debug All, resolve an incident, and then check the trace at the bottom of form to watch the business rules execute. Data recovery devices These two line examples show that the mark_closed business rule code is entered ==> and then exited <==.