Cubeacon backend is shuting down by february 2017

For almost 2 years, Cubeacon has been managing backend service for iBeacon developers. Data recovery mac hard drive Include providing free access to Backend as a Service to manage iBeacon devices for developers who has purchased Cubeacon. H2 database tutorial With Backend as a Service that we’ve built, we hope that it will help every developers to implement iBeacon technology.

Cubeacon is one of pioneers that build iBeacon technology in Indonesia and produced thousands of iBeacon hardwares. Database interview questions We believe that this technology is one of the development of the Internet of Things ecosystem in the world and we understand that iBeacon technology and the Internet of Things (IOT) is the industry of future.

Cubeacon Backend helps thousands of developers who wants to implement the device for various solutions. R studio data recovery free download But for some reasons, platform that we have built was not able to serve all the needs of iBeacon technology, including other supporting services such as cloud computing, analytics, to integration with various API and hardwares.

Internet of Things is a condition where solution is integrated and creating smart environment. Data recovery bad hard drive We believe with fast growing technology in the future. Database field definition Therefore, we have to shut down Cubeacon Backend Service. Data recovery windows 7 In the future, a backend that we all need is going to be a reliable backend as a service solution and able to integrate various platforms, devices, OS and Application in various programming languages. Nexus 4 data recovery Founder of Cubeacon : Tiyo Avianto

We have summarized some of the questions related to the closure of Cubeacon Backend Service from all developers. Database version 706 Here are the summary of interview with Cubeacon founder to all developers of Cubeacon Backend:

– Market development is growing so fast and industry needs make us to shut down Cubeacon Backend. Cindia data recovery We understand that Cubeacon backend is not enough to develop various solution for iBeacon Technology.

iBeacon technology has various functions and it requires Backend which is much better than Cubeacon Backend. Database tutorial Including our segmentation that focused on industry needs.

– Over the past 2 years we provide developers with free access to our backend, certainly a lot of valuable advice comes from all developers. R database packages Developers will be moved to our new service which is more competence services.

– All Cubeacon User will be moved to our newest service which is Mesosfer – Mobile Backend as a Service and IoT Platform (

– Basically, Mesosfer is able to accommodate all the needs and functions of the iBeacon devices (any brand used). Database disk image is malformed Mesosfer has special features for iBeacon devices that is much better:

Mobile Cloud Backend, contains of: Cloud Database, Push Notification, User management, Load Balancer, Database Backup, Storage & Cloud Hosting, Mobile App Management, oAuth, Reporting Analytics.

Developers can build complex applications in a single platform. Windows 8 data recovery software They can build a Mobile / Web App that can be connected to the device IOT (embedded, smart watch, IOT Gateway, etc.) including iBeacon device, or developers can build an application individually, eg Mobile App (iOS / Android), Web App, or IOT device connected to each other, or separated from each other.

For the next step, Mesosfer will support Tizen OS and game angine such as Unity 3D. Database naming standards We hope Mesosfer will be more helping developers in building application for and genre and still in the free service.

– No, we only shut down the Cubeacon Backend service and replace it with Mesosfer Backend. Data recovery training online By the end of 2015 we released Cubeacon Card. Database query Our third product which will be released soon is Cubeacon Reader AR25. Database isolation levels This device is a stand alone Scanner for iBeacon device. Database version control This product will soon be released in the near time. Database record definition The production process has been completed, but need to do the QA process.