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Thanks for the class. Database 4 net Data recovery tools iphone i am successfully using it to read spreadsheet cells. Iphone 6 data recovery software free Data recovery technician However, i have many spreadsheets each having different sheet names. Database usa reviews Data recovery tools linux Is there any way i can find out the sheet names of an excel file before i do the open or is there a way to open it as a number, like 1 for sheet1, 2 for sheet2?

Actually I tried doing that in your class, by changing whenever you are looking for .xls extension to an extension like .dso, so that the program thinks its an excel file, but got errors,

is there some kind of check in the cdatabase class, that depending on the extension you are using only then it will allow a particular driver to be used.

Data recovery training online This is because to read the Excel file, CSpreadsheet uses ODBC driver which treats the Excel file as a database.

The first row, i.e. Easeus data recovery 94fbr Data recovery tampa SS.ReadRow(Rows, 1), actually reads in the header row. Database join Data recovery texas Since you probably do not have a unique header row, an automatically generated header row is done for you which overrides your original first row.

The problem I have is that after reading the first line in the Worksheet (which is used as a header for ODBC), subsequently the ODBC driver makes assumptions concerning the data types in each column and actually fails to read valid cells correctly. H2 database download Data recovery usb For example, if a column has a header field, and then the next 10 cells in this column are empty, even if I then have two additional cells with valid numbers, the ODBC driver will not be able to read them and would instead report NULL data.

I found if you are reading a single column row, and it contains a comma as part of the string, the class reads the row as if it were 2 columns.

I wrote a program to error-check a CSV file which is to be in a specific format (columns per row per position, data in a column, etc.) This is how I found the error.

How do I get rid of these quotations? I have no need to open these files in excel, all I want is a text delimited spreadsheet without those annoying quotation marks. H2 database url Data recovery ubuntu Aside from the rather awkward solution of writing a routine that goes through the entire file and deletes all the quotations automatically, is there a way to edit the class to not put the quotations there in the first place?

As I said, my particular application simply needs the data without the quotation marks. Data recovery boot disk Data recovery utility I’m still relatively new to programming and going throught the CSpreadSheet routines proved far to confusing and I have no idea what is going on.