Create database link

Specify SHARED to create a database link that can be shared by multiple sessions using a single network connection from the source database to the target database. Database 2010 In a shared server configuration, shared database links can keep the number of connections into the remote database from becoming too large. Dayz database map Shared links are typically also public database links. Database website template However, a shared private database link can be useful when many clients access the same local schema, and therefore use the same private database link.

In a shared database link, multiple sessions in the source database share the same connection to the target database. 7 data recovery registration code Once a session is established on the target database, that session is disassociated from the connection, to make the connection available to another session on the source database. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf To prevent an unauthorized session from attempting to connect through the database link, when you specify SHARED you must also specify the dblink_authentication clause for the users authorized to use the database link.

Specify the complete or partial name of the database link. Database key definition If you specify only the database name, then Oracle Database implicitly appends the database domain of the local database.

Use only ASCII characters for dblink. Database hierarchy Multibyte characters are not supported. Data recovery on mac The database link name is case insensitive and is stored in uppercase ASCII characters. Data recovery kali linux If you specify the database name as a quoted identifier, then the quotation marks are silently ignored.

If the value of the GLOBAL_NAMES initialization parameter is TRUE, then the database link must have the same name as the database to which it connects. I card data recovery If the value of GLOBAL_NAMES is FALSE, and if you have changed the global name of the database, then you can specify the global name.

The maximum number of database links that can be open in one session or one instance of an Oracle RAC configuration depends on the value of the OPEN_LINKS and OPEN_LINKS_PER_INSTANCE initialization parameters.

Restriction on Creating Database Links You cannot create a database link in another user’s schema, and you cannot qualify dblink with the name of a schema. Database name Periods are permitted in names of database links, so Oracle Database interprets the entire name, such as ralph.linktosales, as the name of a database link in your schema rather than as a database link named linktosales in the schema ralph.)

Specify CURRENT_USER to create a current user database link. Database quiz The current user must be a global user with a valid account on the remote database.

When executing a stored object (such as a procedure, view, or trigger) that initiates a database link, CURRENT_USER is the name of the user that owns the stored object, and not the name of the user that called the object. Database url For example, if the database link appears inside procedure scott.p (created by scott), and user jane calls procedure scott.p, then the current user is scott.

However, if the stored object is an invoker-rights function, procedure, or package, then the invoker’s authorization ID is used to connect as a remote user. Os x data recovery free For example, if the privileged database link appears inside procedure scott.p (an invoker-rights procedure created by scott), and user Jane calls procedure scott.p, then CURRENT_USER is jane and the procedure executes with Jane’s privileges.