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This article will focus on transferring an in memory DataTable to SQL Server database. Data recovery tampa ADO.NET provides numerous well documented methods for creating DataTables with persistence back to their source databases. R studio data recovery with crack But in some circumstances, the source database is just that a source. Database uses The question remains: “How do you persist your in memory DataTables to a database if you are not intending to update the data to the source database but to a different database? How can this new database and its tables be created to reflect the in-memory DataTable and once that is created, what method can be used to move the data to that table?

Through this article, I intend to demonstrate one way to approach the issue of persisting a DataTable to an unrelated database. Database history I strive to show within this article that through the implementation of SqlServer Management Objects and SQLBulkCopy one possible solution.

Database b tree Overview

ADO.NET DataTables provide a disconnecting means of working with database information without the cost of an open connection. Database optimization With a DataTable loaded with source data, the ADO.NET library provides a lot of functionality in working with this data. Data recovery software reviews It also allows you to transform DataTables by providing methods to add columns, compute values and reformat the layout of the table to name a few.

The problem arises though when the DataTable needs to be saved into a new database and its schema is not determined until runtime. Cnet data recovery While the DataTable acts like a table within a database, there is no direct relation. Database systems Because of this, the DataTable cannot be easily placed or transferred directly into a database with intact schema and data. Data recovery for mac This leads to two basic problems:

NOTE: This solution only works with .NET 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (not sure of 2000) as the destination database. Data recovery damaged hard drive The source data can come from anywhere as long as it has been put into a datatable. Database builder Set Up

The basic setup that is necessary for this to work is the retrieval of source data into a dataset. Data recovery cnet This source data can come from any source that can be read by a DataReader or DataAdapter, all that matters is that there is a source DataTable to transfer to the database. Database log horizon For this example, the dataset contains a three column DataTable with the types consisting of int,string and decimal datatypes. Data recovery raid While I do not show any specific DataTable data in this article, the data types do pose an interesting problem, but more on that later. Database design for mere mortals As well, I have set up a SqlServer Express 2005 server for my destination database. Database hardening Working with SMO

Creating a dynamic database and tables with run-time required changes to the schema poses an interesting problem that does not initially have a clear solution. Data recovery linux distro Traditional methods for handling this would have involved some form of SQL expression and a lot of code. Data recovery key Fortunately, the destination database is a SqlServer 2005 database, which .NET provides an implementation library for dynamically managing the database via SqlServer Management Objects (SMO). Data recovery macbook I will admit I still do not know a lot about SMO, but they are perfect for solving the issue of creating dynamically changing run-time database environments. Data recovery los angeles I am aware that SMOs can be used to create stored procedures and handle other SQL Server Management issues and that they replace DTO. Database yml The great thing about them for the purpose of this article is that they do not require any SQL code implementation.

I include them here as they are not in the System namespace and can involve some hunting to track them down. Database in excel Creating a database with SMO is a fairly straight forward process: // Set destination connection string string connectionString = YourConnectionString;

This creates a connection string with the server information. G info database Server represents the SMO server object that the new database ” TestSMODatabase” will be created in. Database book The create command creates the physical database on the server. Q prime database Now the SQL Server contains a database into which a table needs to be added: // Set Database to the newly created database

At this point, the database server only contains the database as the create method is required to initiate the creation process. Top 10 data recovery tools Also, the table does not currently contain any schema information. Data recovery laptop As mentioned above, the column name and type need to be derived from the dataset. Data recovery flash drive This involves first creating an SMO column and then getting the column names and data types (” TestTable” serves as the in-memory DataTable): // SMO Column object referring to destination table.

// Add the column names and types from the datatable into the new table // Using the columns name and type property foreach (DataColumn dc in SourceTable.Columns)

Column has two parameters, the SMO table object and the column name derived from the dataset. Data recovery cost The catch here involves getting the appropriate data types as the DataTable’s types belong to the System namespace and destination is of type SMO. Data recovery galaxy s5 The GetDataType method converts the types needed by the SMO Column. Database key field Currently this only contains a few conversions, but it should provide a good glimpse at the necessary conversion process: public DataType GetDataType( string dataType)

The last step in the creation process involves setting up a PrimaryKey column. Data recovery nashville I discovered this step is optional and is really only necessary for performing relational functions on the table. Data recovery minneapolis Even though I did not need it, the code looks like this and goes before the create() method in the above code: // Create a primary key index

Now there is a new database and table on the SQL Server with columns and data types matching the source DataTable. Database 4 net Populating the New Table Using SQL Bulk Copy

The final step involves copying the data into the new database table. Iphone 6 data recovery software free The easiest way to do this would involve a foreach or loop. Database usa reviews Instead of processing each DataRow separately, SqlBulkCopy could be used instead. Easeus data recovery 94fbr SqlBulkCopy involves passing the whole set in one big lump and can be more efficient using less resources. Database join The process is very quick and easy and requires a connection with the database as well as the table name created earlier. H2 database download One caveat to this method is that it does not seem to recognize the using statement as an open connection so you have to open the connection manually. H2 database url // First create a connection string to destination database string connectionString;

I found the research involved with this to be extremely fun and rewarding. Data recovery boot disk When I started the research for this article, I originally thought this would be fairly straight forward and somewhat simple, but I now realize that without SMO, creating the database and table from run time data would have been even harder. 990 database This article has shown a method for dynamically creating SQL Server databases and tables from in memory datatable information. Data recovery hard drive cost I believe this will prove extremely useful and can be extended even further with relational tables. Data recovery knoxville History