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Smart cities adopt connected health and technology-enabled care to provide citizens the ability to self-manage their health and well-being, alert healthcare professionals to changes in their condition and support medication adherence. Database file Leveraging digital technology, safer, more efficient social care can be delivered.

One problem in the adoption of technology-enabled care solutions has been the limitation of human interface. Data recovery near me The access to health information has always been limited to healthcare providers’ manual input into a centralized medical record database, and can be hard to synchronize across multiple stakeholders.

Database job description The result is a lack of inter-operable patient records and inaccessibility of critical health information during medical incidents.

Imagine a situation where you become unconscious at home; paramedics arrive, but they need information such as allergies and medical histories, etc., to provide the best possible treatment. Data recovery 94fbr Traditionally, there’s no easy way to obtain that data; however, if you have all that information stored in a database, and the paramedics are able to access that via your home Alexa-enabled device, the difference could be life or death.

Convo-Care is a voice controlled e-health platform for better health records management and accessibility. Database foreign key It uses natural language and voice interface to help people manage their own health records, and allows healthcare providers to retrieve accurate records at ease. Database as a service It is extremely useful for people with mobility problems, or during critical or emergency conditions.

This application solves two major safety hazards that are found in urban environments: difficulty accessing accurate medical information and difficulty contacting emergency services when unable to reach a phone. Iphone 6 data recovery The hazard is increased further when the user suffers from conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or various mobility issues. Database google drive With Convo-Care, the user can be assured that help is always available, even if the user lives alone.

To emulate the most complex part of this service, where the Alexa skill triggers the smart lock, we used Intel NUC gateway developer kit to illustrate the logic.

With this skill the user can update their personal health profile with new data any time easily via voice control. Data recovery geek squad Imagine the user just got back from doctor visit, and have a prescription update. Database recovery pending The voice input will automatically change the record for “medications” in the database.

If a medical emergency occurs, and the user experience mobility or mental issues, the user can speak “emergency” or “911” to trigger Alexa skill. Data recovery prices Upon paramedic arrival, following are some of the phrases which can be asked:

A: This is a hands-free version which is not dependent on the existing hardware. Database sharding Many situations can occur with the user unable to reach for a phone or press a button for help.

A: This technology would likely be purchased and implemented by the children of the elderly or family of disabled users for additional safety and peace of mind.