Convert or update a ca erwin model manager mart – ca

All the existing CA ERwin Data Modeler and CA ERwin Process Modeler models in the mart are initialized and prepared for the r7.3 internal structure. Database entity The model is not fully converted or updated until you open and save the model in CA ERwin Model Manager r7.3 with CA ERwin Data Modeler or CA ERwin Process Modeler for the first time. Database developer It can take a few minutes longer to open the model the first time to complete the process.

Identifies the type of relational database management system (DBMS) you will connect to. Data recovery plan Select from the current list of supported databases.

Specifies the use of Windows user names and passwords to secure database access. Data recovery kansas city You must be logged on to your computer as the user who is the dbo of the database.

N k database (Available only for Oracle and SQL Server.)

Specifies the use of Native Connection to connect using the API provided by the SQL Server Native client software or ODBC data to connect using the ODBC data source you have defined.

You can select a database connection from the Recent Connections panel to automatically populate the Database or Connection String previously used.

Identifies the Oracle MMUSER security role. Data recovery 2016 This role is created in the procedure for creating the CA ERwin Model Manager database on Oracle. 510 k database fda Other user roles can connect to CA ERwin Model Manager, but they will encounter access problems.

Specifies to remove the database transaction log. Database programmer Truncating the database transaction log is especially important for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase users since a large transaction log can cause the database to hang.

Note: When you initialize a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, it is not necessary to select the “Truncate Log Before Any Action” option. Data recovery osx If you select this check box, and click Create, the following error message displays: “Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘TRANSACTION’.” To avoid this message, clear the check box for “Truncate Log Before Any Action” before you click Create.

Creates a new mart with the current version and updates the data from the old mart to the new mart. Database integrity The Update button is enabled only when an earlier version of a CA ERwin Model Manager is detected. Database backup When you update your mart, the old mart is no longer usable in the previous version.

Note: The Create and Update buttons are mutually exclusive and the text of the button changes depending if a previous version of the mart is detected. Hollywood u database If the Create button is not enabled, then a previous version of a mart is detected.

Creates a new mart with the current version and copies the data from the old mart to the new mart. Data recovery ipad The old mart is retained in the same database.

The same user profile assignments exist as before the conversion. Database vs server If you must make changes to user profiles, you can access the Security Manager on the Services menu or click the User Permissions icon on the CA ERwin Model Manager Toolbar.