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If you created a database in the Microsoft Office Access 2007 (.accdb) file format, but you want to share the database with people who are using earlier versions of Access, in most cases, you can convert the database to an earlier file format by using the Save As command. Data recovery mac This article provides the steps for converting a database to an earlier file format and discusses some of the factors that prevent you from converting a database. Database website In this article

Note: If no object is currently selected in the Navigation Pane, the Save As command may be unavailable (it appears dimmed). Data recovery denver However, the items on the submenu are still available.

Access closes the original database and opens a new copy of the database in the format that you specified. Data recovery galaxy s4 Any changes that you make to the database affect only the new copy.

R studio data recovery free full version To make changes to the original database, you must reopen the original database.

Note: To convert an Access 2007 database to a file format that is compatible with Access 97 or earlier, you must first use Access 2007 to convert the database to the Access 2000 file format or the Access 2002 – 2003 file format. Data recovery equipment Then you use an earlier version of Access to convert the database to the format that you want. Database primary key For example, by using the Convert Database command in Access 2003, you can convert an Access 2000 database or an Access 2002 – 2003 database to the Access 97 file format.

Certain new data types and features can be used only in the Access 2007 file format and are not supported by earlier versions of Access. Database link oracle If your database contains any of these features, and you attempt to save it as an earlier version database, Access displays a message and does not convert the database. 7 data recovery key The following list describes factors that prevent conversion to an earlier file format:

Use of new data types or field property settings The following new data types and field property settings are not supported by earlier versions of Access:

Note: You can convert a database that contains Rich Text Memo fields (Memo fields that have the Text Format property set to Rich Text). Database manager salary However, versions of Access earlier than Access 2007 do not interpret the field as Rich Text. Database processing If any Rich Text formatting is present in the Access 2007 data, the text displays with HTML tags instead of the formatting in earlier versions of Access, as in the following example.

Links to external files that are not supported by earlier versions of Access In Access 2007, you can link to several types of data that are not supported by earlier Access versions. Database xcode These include:

If your database contains links to these types of data sources, you must delete the links before you can convert the database to a file format earlier than Access 2007. Database administrator salary One solution is to import the data instead of linking to it, so that the data is contained in the Access database itself. Data recovery iphone 4s For more information about importing data into an Access 2007 database, click the links in the See Also section of this article.

Database encryption Access 2007 uses a new password-protection method that is not compatible with earlier Access versions. Fundamentals of database systems If you add a password to an Access 2007 database by using the Encrypt with Password command (available on the Database Tools tab), you must first remove the password before you can convert the database to an earlier file format.