Configuring oracle database gateway for sql server database building _ data recovery

The gateway system identifier (SID) is an alphanumeric character string that identifies a gateway instance. Database browser Mail database You need one gateway instance, and therefore one gateway SID, for each SQL Server database you are accessing. Database help Database management software The SID is used as part of the file name for the initialization parameter file. Database vendors Database migration The default SID is dg4msql.

You can define a gateway SID, but using the default of dg4msql is easier because you do not need to change the initialization parameter file name. Database key Database manager salary However, if you want to access two SQL Server databases, you need two gateway SIDs, one for each instance of the gateway. Data recovery live cd Database meaning If you have only one SQL Server database and want to access it sometimes with one set of gateway parameter settings, and other times with different gateway parameter settings, then you will need multiple gateway SIDs for the single SQL Server database.

The initialization parameter file must be available when the gateway is started. Data recovery clean room Database modeling During installation, the following default initialization parameter file is created: ORACLE_HOME\dg4msql\admin\initdg4msql.ora

This initialization file is for the default gateway SID. Database view Database mirroring If you are not using dg4msql as the gateway SID, you must rename the initialization parameter file using the SID you chose in the preceding step Choose a System Identifier for the Gateway. Data recovery fort lauderdale Database management systems 3rd edition This default initialization parameter file is sufficient for starting the gateway, verifying a successful installation, and running the demonstration scripts.

A number of initialization parameters can be used to modify the gateway behavior. Data recovery equipment tools Database modeling tools Refer to Initialization Parameters for the complete list of initialization parameters that can be set. Data recovery lab Database management jobs Changes made to the initialization parameters only take effect in the next gateway session. Data recovery online Gt m database The most important parameter is the HS_FDS_CONNECT_INFO which describes the connection to the non-Oracle system.

The Oracle Net Listener listens for incoming requests from the Oracle database. Database union M power database For the Oracle Net Listener to listen for the gateway, information about the gateway must be added to the Oracle Net Listener configuration file, listener.ora. Data recovery houston E m database This file by default is located in ORACLE_HOME \network\admin, where ORACLE_HOME is the directory under which the gateway is installed.

Before you use the gateway to access SQL Server data you must configure the Oracle database to enable communication with the gateway over Oracle Net.

To configure the Oracle database you must add connect descriptors to the tnsnames.ora file. 7m database soccer basketball Database naming conventions By default, this file is in ORACLE_HOME \network\admin, where ORACLE_HOME is the directory in which the Oracle database is installed. Create database link Database name You cannot use the Oracle Net Assistant or the Oracle Net Easy Config tools to configure the tnsnames.ora file. Database form Database news You must edit the file manually.

A sample of the tnsnames.ora entry ( tnsnames.ora.sample) is available in the ORACLE_HOME \dg4msql\admin directory where ORACLE_HOME is the directory under which the gateway is installed.

This indicates that, if the listener for host_name_1 and port_number_1 is not available, then the second listener for host_name_2 and port_number_2 will take over.

The transaction model is set using the HS_TRANSACTION_MODEL initialization parameter. Data recovery process Database normalization example By default, the gateway runs in COMMIT_CONFIRM transaction mode. Database training Database normalization definition When the SQL Server database is updated by a transaction, the gateway becomes the commit point site. Data recovery hardware Database node The Oracle database commits the unit of work in the SQL Server database after verifying that all Oracle databases in the transaction have successfully prepared the transaction. Best database software Database name sql Only one gateway instance can participate in an Oracle two-phase commit transaction as the commit point site.

When configuring the gateway for two-phase commit, a table must be created in the SQL Server database for logging transactions. Database gui Database naming standards The gateway uses the transaction log table to check the status of failed transactions that were started at the SQL Server database by the gateway and registered in the table.

The information in the transaction log table is required by the recovery process and must not be altered. Data recovery technician In databases a category of data is called a The table must be used, accessed, or updated only by the gateway.

The table, called HS_TRANSACTION_LOG, consists of two columns, GLOBAL_TRAN_ID, data type CHAR(64) NOT NULL and TRAN_COMMENT, data type CHAR(255).

You can use another name for the log table, other than HS_TRANSACTION_LOG, by specifying the other name using the HS_FDS_TRANSACTION_LOG initialization parameter.

Create the transaction log table in the user account you created in Create a Recovery Account and Password. Database engine tuning advisor In database Because the transaction log table is used to record the status of a gateway transaction, the table must reside at the database where the SQL Server update takes place. Data recovery rates In databases information is organized in Also, the transaction log table must be created under the owner of the recovery account.

The tasks for configuring the gateway to access multiple SQL Server databases are similar to the tasks for configuring the gateway for a single database. Database developer salary Database objects The configuration example assumes the following:

If you have multiple gateway SIDs for the same SQL Server database because you want to use different gateway parameter settings at different times, follow the same procedure. Database backup and recovery Database optimization You create several initialization parameter files, each with different SIDs and different parameter settings.