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In SHRINE networks, it is important that either network member uses their own distinct i2b2 domain name. Data recovery western digital SHRINE uses both the i2b2 domain name and the i2b2 user name to identify a user. However, by default, most i2b2 installations use the default domain name ” i2b2demo”, which is bound to cause collisions, especially when several nodes network together. Top 5 data recovery software If the same domain/user pair shows up in multiple spots across the network, the network will treat them all as the same user for the purposes of counting lockout, logging queries, and displaying previous queries in the webclient.

If you have no other applications which depend on the i2b2 domain being named ” i2b2demo”, you may rename the existing ” i2b2demo” domain in the i2b2 database, and then update the appropriate SHRINE configuration files. Data recovery mac In order to rename an existing i2b2 domain, follow the instructions below. NOTE: These instructions assume that Postgres is being used as the i2b2 database engine, but the queries are simple enough that they should be easily translated to other database engines if need be. WARNING: After renaming your domain, any queries you ran will NOT show up in the Previous Queries panel, since the query log still associates those queries with the old domain name. Database website i2b2 Database There are multiple configurable timeout values throughout the SHRINE infrastructure, which can seem somewhat daunting at first. Data recovery denver The list below contains where to find these timeouts, their default values, and a short explanation on what each value affects. For an explanation on what values can be used whenever [duration] is mentioned, refer to this document: shrine.conf File – SHRINE 1.22.3#Durations • Explanation: How long the SHRINE Hub will wait to collect responses before it gives up and sends out what it has. Data recovery galaxy s4 In a standard single-hub network with many nodes, this value only needs to be set at the central hub. R studio data recovery free full version To ensure smooth operation, this value should be lower than the QEP Timeout at other nodes. • Explanation: How long a SHRINE Query Entry Point will wait for a response from a hub/broadcaster before giving up. Data recovery equipment If this timeout is reached, the user will see an error in their SHRINE webclient containing “Futures timed out”. Database primary key To ensure smooth operation, this value should be higher than the Hub Timeout at the central hub. • Explanation: How long SHRINE will wait for a response from the i2b2 PM before timing out. Database link oracle This is typically a low value, but if i2b2 is experiencing performance issues and users are having trouble logging in to SHRINE, this timeout should be increased. • Explanation: How long a SHRINE Adapter will wait for a response to an i2b2 query before timing out. 7 data recovery key This value is typically superseded by the Webclient Timeout value provided by the incoming query message. • Explanation: How long the SHRINE Webclient will wait for a response to a query it sends. Database manager salary Each message sent by the webclient will contain a element in its request based on this value. Database processing The particulars of this threshold vary wildly, but the general outcome is that query results will contain responses of “Results not available” for nodes that did not respond in time. Due to the potential long-running nature of complex i2b2 queries, this value should be somewhat high. Database xcode However, it should be lower than a network’s Hub Timeout (and thus, also lower than the QEP Timeout). • Explanation: The user will be warned with the pop-up shown below after 25 minutes of inactivity and will be logged out after 30 minutes if they do not click “ok”. • Explanation: The webclient will notify the user that loading the cells is taking too long and gives the user the option to continue waiting or to discontinue loading cells. Database administrator salary Timeouts in I2B2 • When a setfinder query is run, the CRC needs to know how long the query should remain in the small, medium or large queue before it will timeout and move on to the next queue. Data recovery iphone 4s This length of time is defined in the Setfinder JMS Queue transaction timeout properties section of the file. Fundamentals of database systems More details can be found here: Explanation: A timeout for Ontology cell to communication with the File Repository. Database er diagram More details found here: