Common errors in installation _ free and open source project management software

There are several common errors while users install MyCollab. Cloud 9 database We did support customers via phone call, Skype chat and support forum. Data recovery on ssd If you have the installation issue not belong into the below list, please contact via in forum.

Database query tools I run MyCollab, and the console says “Message : Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’”

You are using the older MySQL version. Database 2000 From the customers’ feedbacks, you should use the MySQL 5.5.3 or higher that support the utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation MyCollab told me “The folder … has no write permission to the current user. Database business rules You should set the write permission for MyCollab process for this folder

MyCollab requires the write permission of folder %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/conf to write the configuration file Iphone 5 data recovery You should check whether the conf folder has the write permission. Database implementation This issue usually happens to our Unix users. Raid 1 data recovery software I installed MyCollab successfully, but I can not access MyCollab pages, the login page loads forever

• You run more than one MyCollab instances on your server. Seagate data recovery To fix this issue, you simply kill all MyCollab processes and run MyCollab service again.

• MyCollab heavily uses push method to update its UI asynchronously; it will help the UI is more responsive to end users, but the drawback is not all network configurations allow server push work properly. Database report If this is your case, you should select the pull method instead of push. Data recovery specialist To change this MyCollab setting, you simply modify the line in from pull_method=push to pull_method=pull. Data recovery iphone 6 Restart MyCollab server and you can enjoy.

This rare issue happens with a few customers. Database building The reason is you are using the very old MySQL database server. Data recovery top 10 The collation ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’ is only supported on MySQL 5.5 or higher. Database hosting That is also the reason MyCollab supports MySQL 5.5+ Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot load from MySQL.proc. Data recovery best The table is probably corrupted

It happens due to schema changes required for different MySQL server versions. Data recovery program You should google the solution for this database issue. 7 data recovery 94fbr It is not the fault of MyCollab installation process I start MyCollab, and it is failed. Database languages It says that Address already in use: bind

This issue usually happens when there is some program occupies the MyCollab running port (default port is 8080), or even the previous MyCollab instance is running on this port. Database ranking You can open the process, and kill the associate program. Data recovery youtube If you are running the previous MyCollab instance on Windows, you should not stop MyCollab by closing the Window console, but run the script shutdown.bat to clean the MyCollab process totally.

The other kind of issue is the other program occupies the MyCollab ports if the above case is not the issue. 911 database Open the file %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/bin/mycollab.ini, and try to change one of two ports values or both