Commerce_cart. module _ drupal 8 _ drupalcontrib

• ‘#description’ => t( ‘Shopping cart orders comprise orders in shopping cart and some checkout related order statuses. Database 2013 These settings let you control how the shopping cart orders are refreshed, the process during which product prices are recalculated, to improve site performance in the case of excessive refreshes on sites with less dynamic pricing needs.’), • COMMERCE_CART_REFRESH_ACTIVE_CART_ONLY => t( “Only refresh a shopping cart when it is loaded if it is the current user’s active shopping cart.”), • ‘#description’ => t( ‘Shopping carts will only be refreshed if more than the specified number of seconds have passed since they were last refreshed.’), • ‘#description’ => t( ‘Single value fields attached to products can function as attribute selection fields on Add to Cart forms. Database cursor When an Add to Cart form contains multiple products, attribute field data can be used to allow customers to select a product based on the values of the field instead of just from a list of product titles.’), • $form[ ‘field’][ ‘cardinality’][ ‘#description’] .= ‘
‘ . Database list t( ‘Must be 1 for this field to function as an attribute selection field on Add to Cart forms.’); • ‘#description’ => t( ‘Fields attached to product line item types can be included in the Add to Cart form to collect additional information from customers in conjunction with their purchase of particular products.’), • $cart_order_ids[ $uid] = db_query( ‘SELECT order_id FROM {commerce_order} WHERE uid = :uid AND status IN (:status_ids) ORDER BY order_id DESC’, array( ‘:uid’ => $uid, ‘:status_ids’ => $status_ids))-> fetchField(); • $cart_order_ids[ $uid] = db_query( ‘SELECT order_id FROM {commerce_order} WHERE order_id IN (:order_ids) AND uid = 0 AND status IN (:status_ids) ORDER BY order_id DESC’, array( ‘:order_ids’ => commerce_cart_order_session_order_ids(), ‘:status_ids’ => $status_ids))-> fetchField(); • $line_item_wrapper-> commerce_unit_price-> currency_code-> value() != $current_line_item_wrapper-> commerce_unit_price-> currency_code-> value() || • $replacement_class = drupal_html_class( implode( ‘-‘, array( $form_state[ ‘context’][ ‘class_prefix’], ‘product’, $product_extra_field_name))); • $line_item = commerce_product_line_item_new( $product, $form_state[ ‘values’][ ‘quantity’], 0, $form_state[ ‘line_item’]-> data, $form_state[ ‘line_item’]-> type); • ‘#description’ => t( ‘The line item type, referenced product, and data from fields exposed on the Add to Cart form must all match to combine.’), • t( ‘!visibility attributes on single product forms.’, array( ‘!visibility’ => ! empty( $settings[ ‘show_single_product_attributes’]) ? t( ‘Showing’) : t( ‘Hiding’))), • $line_item = commerce_product_line_item_new( commerce_product_reference_default_product( $products), $settings[ ‘default_quantity’], 0, array(), $type); • $output[ $field_name][ $key] = drupal_get_form( $arguments[ ‘form_id’], $arguments[ ‘line_item’], $arguments[ ‘show_quantity’], $cart_context);