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Research data is booming. Database 1 to 1 relationship According to STM, the world of academic research now embraces some 28,000 peer-reviewed journals, 9 million researchers, and 2.5 million articles a year. Database testing The opportunity to reveal meaningful linkages–between past and current research, between collaborators, between funding and research impact–is huge, as long as you start with the right data. Database graph With Web of Science, over 7,000 academic and research institutions, national governments, funding organizations, and publishing organizations around the world are finding new connections in research every day.

“Among many other things, we help people find research collaborators from other disciplines, locate evidence of emerging and ‘hot’ research topics, provide resources and guidance on potential funding sources, and support proposal preparation through bibliographic and data management planning services. Database naming conventions Understanding where excellence is happening and then being able to help people make the right connections is really powerful.”

Web of Science is a comprehensive research platform. Database entity Journal articles, patents, websites, conference proceedings, Open Access material—all can be accessed through one interface, using a variety of powerful search and analysis tools.

Database developer Web of Science Core Collection is a painstakingly selected, actively curated database of the journals that researchers themselves have judged to be the most important and useful in their fields. Data recovery plan However, add-in our Emerging Sources Citation Index and the other indexes we provide, and you get coverage of 28,000 journals globally – over 25% more than the nearest competitor.

That may seem obvious, but it’s not. Data recovery kansas city Some citation databases don’t index all papers covered in a journal, meaning you can’t be sure that you’ve uncovered all of the research relevant to your work. N k database We index every journal cover-to-cover: every paper published, and every author and institution listed. Data recovery 2016 You can’t get much more complete than that.

With the full Web of Science archive, you can search across 136M papers, books, conference proceedings, data sets and patents all the way back to 1900. 510 k database fda But there’s more. Database programmer The captured citations across all this work create a unique network of 1 billion connections between ideas, people and institutions. Data recovery osx Use this to trace scientific work backwards in time to reveal early thinking, and not miss anything even when terminology is changing rapidly.

We are not a publisher. Database integrity We are transparent with our methodology for measuring journal impact. Database backup That’s why our Journal Impact Factors and Journal Citation Reports are trusted as the industry standard.

“One of the reasons for choosing Clarivate Analytics is their long-standing expertise in bibliometric analysis. Hollywood u database We needed a partner whose reputation would provide reassurance that the analysis of research outputs is independent, of the highest quality and that the numbers are reliable.”

Our editorial team works full-time on evaluations and collection management and has done so for many decades, day-in and day-out with no other professional commitments or conflicts of interest.

Unlike our competitors, we capture full names for 100% of authors on every paper, and associate these with their address and affiliation in a database, which we maintain. Data recovery ipad So it doesn’t matter if you’re author number 1 or 200, you’re covered.

In order to measure impact, you need to be able to accurately associate citations to papers, to people, and to institutions. Database vs server We capture 100% of the authors, affiliations and citations for every paper, and we apply human developed rules and proactive validation with institutions, meaning that you can accurately measure and compare research performance.

In research, citations are critical. Database is in transition But other types of data are important too. Data recovery ios That’s why Web of Science includes funding acknowledgement data and content from the Derwent Patent Citation Index, which includes 52 million patent records covering 27 million families. Database data types This makes it easier to link funding with research output and impact.

“Clarivate Analytics provides us with the data we need to understand the impact of the research community in their own disciplines and on the broader world, and to identify our collaborative success stories across thousands of researchers affiliated with the university.”