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Data recovery group A data recovery tool CIS 336 ilab 2 of 7 Week 2 lab

Lab two introduces the next step in creating a data model, the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Database xls Data recovery best buy You will be given a business scenario for a company named Clapham Specialty Store, which is a small specialist grocery and delicatessen.

Data recovery boston The business specifications will outline a number of things about the business, some of which will apply directly to the database you are being asked to model. C database library Data recovery boot disk There is a table which lists the entities (tables) that will be needed for the database and related attributes (columns) for each entity. 510 k database Data recovery business There is also a column that lists specific information about the entity that will be helpful in determining its relationship to other entities within the model.

Be sure to include the minimum and maximum occurrences of each relationship (cardinality) and to supply a name to the relationship that will work in both directions. How to become a database administrator Data recovery broken hard drive If there is not a single word that will apply, then supply a separate name for each direction of the relationship.

The Clapham Specialty Store is a small, specialist grocery and delicatessen. Database xml Data recovery bad hard drive A new owner, John Balfour, who would like to expand the store and improve its profits, has recently purchased the store. Database terminology Data recovery best The store sells general groceries, wines and liquors, and has a small deli counter. Database theory Data recovery boston ma The store is open from 5:00 a.m. Database 1 to 1 relationship Bplan data recovery to 12:00 midnight. Database testing Data recovery cost Many of the customers are repeat customers who come in to buy products they forgot from their regular grocery shopping expedition at the supermarket.

The store sells about 3,000 different products ranging from toilet cleaner to 2 oz. Database graph Data recovery company jars of caviar, and champagne to liverwurst. Database naming conventions Data recovery center Each product is displayed on a shelf on one side or the other of the aisle. Database entity Data recovery clean room The products arrive and their details (cost, quantity, SKU number, package size, purchase date) are recorded in the back room before they are displayed. Database developer Data recovery cell phone The new owner wants to know which products the store sells most of and which are the most profitable.

Each sale is identified by a Receipt No. Data recovery plan Data recovery certification and a timestamp (date and time) and consists of sale items with a quantity and price recorded for each product.

As a convenience for known customers, they offer a local delivery service. Data recovery kansas city Data recovery california Deliveries are only made to customers who are registered at the store; walk-ins must record their name, address, and phone number before a delivery can be made to them.

John can find the cost of the goods from the accounts system. N k database Data recovery cheap What John would like to have is a point of sale system (POS) that records what has been sold to whom, by whom, for how much, and when. Data recovery 2016 Data recovery chicago Also, he needs to be able to record the delivery trips that are made, who makes the delivery, how long the delivery takes, and the amount of the sale. 510 k database fda Data recovery cnet There is concern at this point that the cost of delivering the sales to customers is not worth the return on investment.

You have been asked to develop a logical data model for Clapham Specialty Store based on the information given to you by John and his staff. Database programmer Seagate data recovery Through analysis of the nouns and verbs in the case study above, you have accumulated the following entity, attribute, and relationship information shown in the table below. Data recovery osx Cindia data recovery The attribute list may not be complete. Database integrity Cnet data recovery If you determine that additional attributes are needed to better define an entity then you should add them.

An Employee can belong to any one of the three job categories, but can belong to one and only one of the three. Database backup Data recovery download Employees have names and other contact information.

Sales are made using a register and can be tracked by the register log number. Hollywood u database Data recovery definition An employee must log into the register before he/she can use it and must log out when finished with a shift at that register. Data recovery ipad Data recovery dallas An employee may use more than one register during a period of work.

The store has 3 registers: One located at the back of the store and two located at the front of the store; one on the left and one on the right of the entrance.

Relates to both the employee and the sale entities. Database vs server Data recovery denver This entity will help track deliveries. Database is in transition Data recovery disk An employee can make many deliveries but a sale is delivered by one and only one employee.

Identifies the products the store sells. Data recovery ios Data recovery druid One or more products can be sold per sale. Database data types Data recovery devices The quantity on hand allows John to determine his inventory levels. Data recovery johannesburg Data recovery diy The reorder minimum can be used to determine when the inventory level has reached a reorder point.

Sale Item is part of sale and records product sold per sale. Iphone 5 data recovery software Data recovery damaged hard drive Sale item must be able to associate multiple products sold on a single sales receipt.

A customer can be associated with multiple sales, but any one sale is to one and only one customer. Database operations Data recovery deleted files A sale can occur without a customer registering in the system.

Indicate the relationships between the entities using Crow’s Foot notation. Database index Data recovery external hard drive You will need to determine the cardinality and optionality for each direction of the relationships. Database crud Data recovery equipment Some of the Foreign Key relationships are identified in the graph above but not all. Drupal 8 database Data recovery external hard drive mac Be sure you identify and account for all Foreign Key relationships.

Add a name (in both directions) to the relationships. Data recovery disk Data recovery engineer Remember, if you can verbalize the relationship in both directions then you probably have a valid relationship.

The deliverable for this lab will be your completed ERD as a single MS Word document using copy/paste from the MS Visio application and named “lab2_solutions_yourname”.

Be sure to include all of the entities that have been defined. Database 3 tier architecture Data recovery expert You need to include at least the primary and foreign key attributes where applicable in your diagram.

Be sure that you link all entities based on PK to FK relationships. Data recovery orlando Data recovery easeus There may be a case where you need to identify a combination PK and if so make sure that all of the relationships involved are defined. Database cardinality Data recovery equipment tools Be sure that you have set your Visio editor to show Crow’s Foot notation. Database unit testing Data recovery for mac Also, be sure that you are defining the correct cardinality for the relationships.

Do not accept the default naming convention for your relationships in all cases. I data recovery software free download Data recovery for iphone There may be some relationships where this is applicable, but in most cases you will want to explicitly name the relationship. O review database Data recovery freeware Be sure that you have provided a verb phrase for both directions in the relationship.

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