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Indonesian rupiah lifts off lows, but core issues linger _ jakarta globe

Jakarta. The embattled Indonesian rupiah has surged at times this month, lifting it off 17-year lows, but these spikes seem to be due more to strokes of luck than to fundamentals or market-calming measures from the central bank. Currency analysts

Raghuram rajan’s inflation fight is helping indian cities over villages – livemint

Mumbai: From the Indian countryside, the inflation slowdown that’s enabled four interest-rate cuts this year appears less dramatic. In August, a record gap opened up between rural and urban India in the latest inflation data series as city residents benefited

Meb keflezighi still runs to win at age 40 – the washington post

By Mike Plunkett October 20 Follow @mjmplunkett It’s a near guarantee that if the name “Meb” is mentioned, most people, runners or not, will recognize it. Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi emigrated from Eritrea when he was 12 and took up running

Distribution watch_ scansource, arrow electronics, tech data _ distribution watch content from the var guy

Welcome back to Distribution Watch, loyal readers. This week we’ve got the latest news from ScanSource, Arrow Electronics (ARW) and Tech Data (TECD). ScanSource: ScanSource signed a distribution agreement with Unify, a communications software and services firm, to sell the