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Upcoming sterling, logan county events — feb. 20 – feb. 23 – journal advocate

Heritage Center Dance Group — 6:30 to 10 p. m., Jim Ehrlich. Cost $7. Everyone is welcome. Narcotics Anonymous — 1:30 p. m., First Christian Church. Information: 970-520-1474. Miscellaneous Monday — 4:30 p. m., Sterling Public Library. Princess Party. Saturday,

Groundhog day all over again_

Overnight the RBA left rates unchanged but reignited their dovish bias with the suggestion that “low inflation may provide scope for easier policy” as “inflation is likely to remain low over the next year or two” (broadly the monetary policy

Five enterprise technology trends to watch _ data center knowledge

This market landscape is pushing organizations to examine and adopt new enterprise technology approaches at an accelerating rate. Working against this backdrop, here are five business tech trends to watch: The Push to the Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Demand for increased

_short-covering, crude prices swelled indian equity markets (weekly review)_ – nkdc #23972

However, the selling frenzy by foreign investors continued, which not only dampened equity markets sentiment, but also drowned rupee’s value. “Benchmark indices ended the week with gains of more than three percent, the best weekly performance this year. The bounce

Why you should try shooting in black and white _ fstoppers

If you look back to the beginning of photography, color didn’t exist. In fact, it didn’t exist for a long, long time. Even as 35mm film pioneered the way that photography was used and purchased, black and white was king.

Iphone, ipad bug causes infinite bootloop when date is changed back to 1 january 1970_

If an “unlucky” iOS user does try to set the dates back, the device would be bricked. After setting the date, it would still run normal. Once it reboots, it will be stuck in the booting up screen until the

The money marketing podcast_ are we really at risk of global recession_ _ money marketing

There is a saying in finance that markets create their own propaganda. This means if markets are down, investors focus on the economic evidence that supports this. Recently, this “evidence” has come from global manufacturing data, which has been weaker,

City discusses recycling program

The city encourages residents to participate in the Green Bin curbside pickup. For $3 per month, residents will get container in which they can place yard waste, paper, cardboard and fruit and vegetable scraps. The bins are picked up weekly.

Kasich, who says he won't 'win a vote' with god, brings religion to forefront – wway tv3

Kasich, who worships at an Anglican church and regularly attends a Bible study group, has always made his spirituality central to his pitch to voters, telling attendees of his over-100 town hall-style meetings in New Hampshire that it is important

Blood test could transform tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment in developing countries

The new test developed in the Khatri lab works on an ordinary blood sample and removes the need to collect sputum. It can signal a TB infection even if the individual also has HIV. And it won’t give a positive

In louisiana_s poor northeast, water runs brown _ al jazeera america

“Who’s more important: the people or the paperwork?” asked Marie, implying that the audit issue was to blame. “Get the water straight and then work on that. It’s not the community’s fault, don’t make it hard on us.” The state’s

Security patch woes_ windows 10 update resets default settings, office fix crashes word — redmondmag. com

While resetting user settings is a large annoyance, the issue looks to be severe for some users, who continually have their settings revert to default every time they try to reinput their custom file associations. “So with a heavy (and

Gulf oyster reefs in crisis _ the examiner

To learn more about restoration progress, challenges and opportunities, Blomberg reviewed database entries for more than 192 oyster restoration projects entered into the National Estuaries Restoration Inventory and found that despite federal requirements to the contrary, monitoring data for those

Waldo county homesteader keeps goats, practices lost craft of pruning for fodder — homestead — bangor daily news — bdn maine

“But I had a couple of goats, and they were doing fine,” she said. “The animals seemed like a more sustainable option in the face of climate change and instability.” The goats love eating trees such as cedar and yellow

Who's right in apple's fight with the fbi_ _ frontline

The FBI can be histrionic in its efforts to sway public opinion on encryption, but in this case, the government has been measured in its actions. Privacy advocates, who have objected to every move to accommodate technology to law enforcement’s

Uber_ underpaid, assaulted and disillusioned uk drivers file lawsuit exposing dark side of company

IBTimes UK put the allegations from UPHD and the Uber drivers to Uber, and were given this response from a spokesperson: “In London we have over 1.5 million regular Uber users and 30,000 more sign up every week. Uber is