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Athersys_ multistem® data to be presented at international stroke conference 2016 nasdaq_athx

® cell therapy product, a patented, adult-derived “off-the-shelf” stem cell product, initially for disease indications in the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory and immune disease areas, and has several ongoing clinical trials evaluating this potential regenerative medicine product. Athersys has forged strategic

Daily fantasy football_ identifying trends in big games from quarterbacks

For each game, I recorded whether the player was at home or on the road, whether the game was beneath a roof (either a dome or a closed retractable roof), whether the game was against a divisional opponent, the spread,

_ u. s. consumer, housing data underscore economy’s resilience__ reuters

“While continued price increases will begin to impact affordability, they are necessary to encourage sellers to list their homes for sale,” said Kristin Reynolds, a U. S. economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Conference Board said its

Mobile application stores market available in new report – whatech

A mobile application normally known as an app, is a sort of application software which run on tablet computer or smartphone. Apps are usually individual software units and smaller in size with limited function. – Restart your WhaTech membership at

Oec uses apigee to help deliver digital efficiency to original equipment auto parts industry nasdaq_apic

press@apigee. com OEConnection (OEC) is the leading parts ecommerce technology provider for OEM distribution networks, serving over 20 OEMs and 100,000 dealership and repair customers. Customers use OEC solutions millions of times each day to access real-time, dynamic pricing and

Can flint crisis spotlight need for action on lead nationwide_ – csmonitor. com

The CDC has said that no amount of lead in the blood is considered safe for kids. It considers more than 5 micrograms per deciliter as potentially harmful. Walker’s three youngest children tested above that level. Governor Snyder denied the

Glazer_ prosperity via detroit, knowledge economy

Metro Minneapolis on all these metrics is the Great Lakes leader. And largely because of that, Minnesota is, by far, the most prosperous state in the Great Lakes. Our research found two other common characteristic of prosperous states: (1) an

Socialism or populism_

In radically different ways, Trump and Sanders are addressing the deep anxiety stemming from the secular stagnation of wages and living standards that has squeezed the middle and working classes for a generation. Sanders locates the villainy in a billionaire

Puerto rico acknowledges ceding control key to debt accord – bloomberg business

Some Puerto Rico leaders have expressed concern that a federal control board would strip the commonwealth of its sovereignty and risked returning the island to colonial-like conditions. Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s original debt-restructuring proposal called for a locally-controlled fiscal oversight

C-innovation chooses kongberg auv systems

New Flexible Buoyant Hybrid Cables • laser The HUGIN includes swappable batteries and removable data storage. The C-I MUNINs have a fast charge system and data download facility designed to maximize productivity and minimize down-time between dives. They are also

Emerging markets dip after china data weakens

True Corp. slumped 8.5 percent, the biggest decliner on the developing-nations gauge, after Thailand’s third-largest mobile phone operator announced a plan to raise 60 billion baht (US$1.7 billion) by selling new shares in a rights offering. “I would recommend investors

Mining roundup _ 9 february 2016 _ stock market wire

Aquarius recorded a consolidated accounting net loss after tax (IFRS) of USD76 million attributable to its share holders for the half-year (5.12 cents per share). Horizonte Minerals [ LON:HZM] has been awarded four new concession areas adjacent to its Araguaia

Commercial real estate takes economy’s pulse _ albuquerque journal

The office market is heavily dependent on employment in the services-providing part of the metro economy, where employment has returned to 2007 levels. However, the services economy saw a shift in its makeup during the recession. “The trend or theme

Asia's best dollar bond funds advise_ avoid indian banks – bloomberg business

“The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to clean up their balance sheets, but this means their capital ratios and earnings will be hit and they need capital to replenish this which will result in more supply,” said Arthur

Senate committee passes resolution describing porn as a 'health crisis' _ st george news

“I’m not approaching this from a religious standpoint,” Weiler said Wednesday. “This is based on science, this is based on research.” Republican Sen. Todd Weiler, who has introduced anti-pornography legislation in the past, testified before the Utah Senate Health and

____celebrating valentine_s day doesn_t have to be expensive _ __ _msu extension_

February 12, 2016 | Brenda Long | Osceola McCarty shares her wisdom about living simply and investing savings to amass a small fortune. Her basic principles provide an example for all of us. Mar 9, 2016 – Apr 13, 2016