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Roughly one week ago I was in the midst of taking an examination required to be a licensed practitioner in my profession. Moto g data recovery software Before I could upload my examination, my computer crashed. Data recovery windows 10 When I called a popular computer repair “squad” I was told there was nothing they could do for me and certainly nothing they could do in the time-frame I required.

Database youtube When I spoke to Ephraim at Sherlock Data Recovery Services, he told me there are no guarantees in data recovery but that he was confident that he could identify my harddrive and sort through the information stored there so that I stood a chance at sending my examination to the relevant professional licensing association.

When other people told me the task was impossible Ephraim gave me hope. H2 database console More importantly he gave me success as he diligently worked on my computer overnight and through an afternoon to locate my examination files. Database browser I was able to send my examination file to the licensing association before the deadline. Database help Throughout the process he kept me updated on everything. Database vendors When I was difficult, he was kind and reassuring.

I confidently recommend Ephraim and Sherlock Data Recovery Services. Database key When you are living in a nightmare you will not feel comfortable unless you have a true expert, and Ephraim is an expert that thrives under pressure. Data recovery live cd Trusting him was the best decision I have ever made in acquiring computer repair services.

I’ve worked in IT for over 35 years. Data recovery clean room There’s nothing worse than a complete laptop failure or a hard drive crash – especially if you haven’t backed it up. Database view This was the case with my son and dauther-in-law’s laptop which had 7 years worth of pictures and videos of their 7 year old daughter, my granddaughter; you can’t ascribe value or worth of something like that.

Being in IT, I evaluate systems and hardware all the time. Data recovery fort lauderdale In this case, the laptop just shutdown and, when rebooted, said to check the hard drive cables but, looking at the Bios configuration screen, no hard drive was present. Data recovery equipment tools Which meant that either the drive crashed or the controller was bad. Data recovery lab In trying to re-boot the laptop, you could hear the hard drive whirr and try to start, but it jsut couldn’t seem to get there. Data recovery online I bought a SATA drive USB connector, removed and connected the hard drive to one of my other laptops and it tried to start, but couldn’t. Database union At least there was no grinding, clicking or other noise indicating that the drive was damaged.

I called around some of the various Hard Drive data recovery companies and, while they couldn’t determine what was wrong, they all indicated that the evalation was free, but that data recovery could cost anywhere from $1,000 to more.

That’s when I found Sherlock Data Recovery. Data recovery houston I called and talked with Ephrain Hirshberg and he and I reviewed the issues – Ephraim was both knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. 7m database soccer basketball He suggested I send the hard drive over and mentioned he had both a clean room and a number of data recovery programs he would use to evalaute the drive. Create database link He didn’t hesitate in providing an idea of the cost for recovery. Database form Based on that, as well as additional, excellent reviews, I shipped him my drive.

Ephraim got back to me within 2 days – based on his review, he indicated that the chances of data recovery were 99 to 100%. Data recovery process He asked for permission to open the drive casing and, in a follow-up, indicated that the read/write head was stuck. Database training He proposed the cost, I accepted and shipped him a Western Digital 1 TB USB drive.

Long story short, Ephraim was able to recover all the data, the cost was both more than acceptable and certainly much, much less than the estimated costs proposed by other companies. Data recovery hardware And, whereas those other companies looked at this as just another job, Ephraim showed a personalized interest in getting the data back.

So, out of 5 stars, Ephraim gets a 5+. Best database software The only suggestion I’d make to others who are looking to engage Ephraim to recover your data would be to ship both the hard drive and your recovery drive at the same time, so that data recovery could proceed without having to take the extra step in shipping the recovery drive.

Ephraim is great to work with, he takes an interest in providing you the best service at a reasonable cost, and I highly recommend him and Sherlock Data Recovery for all your data recovery needs.