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National Geographic Museum is seeking an experienced administrator to manage its ticketing operations and coordinate closely with our visitor services team on database management and systems for the museum and live events. Database engine tuning advisor This position also coordinates with our marketing division and group sales on analytics and data needs from the ticketing system.

• System and Ticketing Training: Trains marketing, visitor services, and other staff to pull system reports for ongoing analysis. Manages basic and ongoing training of all system users including Marketing, IT, Visitor Services, and Management.

Data recovery rates (30%)

• System Administration and Support: Builds all ticketing for events and exhibits. Database developer salary Creates and maintains all aspects of Tessitura setup for Public Programs events and exhibits, rentals, merchandise, memberships, donations, fees, and other inventory as needed. Plans and implements optimal application configuration of venue profiles, price maps, price types, hold code maps, dynamic pricing schematics, series packages, up-selling/combo tickets, seasons, campaigns, appeals, and source codes. Manages all Tessitura applications including all user-facing content of T-NEW website, start and end times for N-Scan, and T-Stats reporting system. Database backup and recovery Creates and maintains Tessitura user accounts and security. Manages all end-user support requests, coordinating with NG’s IS&T to resolve computer/printer/network problems outside the scope of Tessitura applications. Processes internal requests and acts as primary contact for departments and partners purchasing tickets in bulk. Manages systems to support cross-divisional opportunities with Society-wide units, as well as NGP. Stays current with Tessitura upgrades as well as industry ticketing trends and best practices. Custom development of voucher processes for Group Sales. Stays up to date on best practices and strategies for customer relationship management and customer experience management across the business sector. Yale b database (30%)

• Analytics & Marketing Support: Coordinating lists and segmentation for emails, mailings, and other initiatives to optimize marketing campaigns. Collaborate with marketing and visitor services to Identify ways to capture timely and accurate data collection and customer feedback. Sybase database Manage data exports and imports, including data shares with NGP, CRM exports for targeting marketing campaigns, and import/export of invitation lists from NGS divisions. Pulls reports to determine venue capacities and ticketing to maximize revenue and capacity. Optimizes use of analysis tools including T-stats and Dashboards to track campaigns. Analyzes customer and sales data and tracks pacing to develop insights and make recommendations on areas for optimization. Database design (15%)

• System Maintenance and Quality Control: Manages software vendor/hosting provider and works with NG’s IS&T to ensure system is functioning at optimal speed at all points of sale, to resolve all technical issues in a timely fashion and to maintain the application and its database at current release levels. Monitors and troubleshoots Tessitura system, credit card processing, and connections to server. Engages with IS&T to maintain production and test environments. Establishes and maintains documentation for business processes, system upgrades/customizations, and naming conventions. Performs regular database cleanup including constituent record structure, duplicate record management, and cleanup of campaigns, appeals, and price maps. Responsible for data hygiene and integrity and the overall management, supervision and development of the systems at a strategic level. Manages reporting requests, maintaining data integrity across reports and assessing needs for automated reports based on business trends. Database 3 normal forms (25%)

National Geographic’s headquarters is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Database for dummies In addition to a unique and dynamic work environment, National Geographic offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package, including health and dental benefits, generous vacation and leave time, a 401(k) plan, and flexible work options. A database is a collection of Please visit our careers site at to view this job as well as our full listing of career opportunities. Library database National Geographic is an Equal Opportunity Employer.