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The caDSR Bulk Loader is a tool that can load data into the ISO 11179 compliant caDSR database from a ISO 11179 Schema compliant XML file. Jstor database It can load most of the Administered components like CDEs, DECs, OCs, VDs, etc that are based on caDSR’s extension of the ISO 11179 standard.

Generally, the generation of the 11179 schema-based XML file is independent of the bulk loading process and hence, provides greater flexibility for the file to be generated from various sources.

E m database As an example, the source of the data here is assumed to be in Excel for demonstrating the end-to-end process flow. Data recovery richmond va 1.1 Background

The ‘Excel Bulk Load’ is a new feature that is being developed for the bulk loading of caDSR AdministeredComponents (CDEs, DECs, VDs, etc.) and their related components. Data recovery software The input data required for the loading is supplied in MS Excel format.

• Be able to bulk load excel files with data for loading the caDSR AdministeredComponents (CDEs, DECs, VDs, etc.) and their related components. Data recovery advisor Initially, the excel files will need to conform to a specific template that will be supplied.

Transformation involves transforming the export of the excel input file into a pre-determined format and the Loading module parses the data out of this format for the loading and curation. Database host name 2.2 Overview

The diagram below describes a generalized overview of the transformation process from Excel sheet, to XML, through the Bulk Loader, into the caDSR database.

The diagram below describes the process for using Excel with the cgMDR plug-in to create an annotated Excel spreadsheet, which applies mapping to the information entered and allows for export of the information to a customized XML file.

The following design diagram shows the process and flow of the information from the XML document generated by the Excel export, through the bulk loader, and into the caDSR database. Database performance The main components of this system are described below the diagram.

The schema validator is basically a component that checks for the validity of the XML document to be loaded to be conformant to the 11179 Schema. Data recovery broken hard drive 3.2 Parser

The Parser is a vital component of the system that converts the XML document to be loaded into the caDSR Objects provided by the caDSR private API. Database xe It uses Castor for the conversion.

Currently, the Parser is limited to do just the one-way conversion from XML -> caDSR private API objects however, it can be expanded so it can also provide the reverse conversion from caDSR objects -> XML in 11179 schema. Database yml mysql This component can then be used in multiple places/projects that need to convert to and from the 11179 schema (eg. 5 database is locked CDE Browser) 3.3 Business Validator

The Business validator is essentially an wrapper class for calling the UML Loader validators. Database fundamentals These validators check for business errors such as duplicate DECs, etc. Database concepts They return a list of errors which can be used in making a decision to stop or proceed. Database icon 3.4 DAO

The DAO is also another wrapper around the UML Loader persistors. Database versioning It uses the UML Loader persistors to persist the caDSR Objects in the proper sequence. Database 2013 Eg. Database cursor Concepts are persisted before Object Classes which are persisted before the DECs, etc. Database list 4 Data 4.1 Introduction

The input file contains data that is needed for the loading of the Components. Database queries must be This needs to be transformed into a standard format which can capture all the required information needed for the loading