Building centos image (emphasis on ubuntu host) _ singularity

The error above results during the bootstrap process, and happens because Ubuntu is trying to use its version of Berkeley DB to create the RPM database in the CentOS image. Data recovery macbook Because of a version conflict, subsequent use of yum fails because it is unable parse the Berkeley DB.

This problem is not exclusive to Ubuntu. Data recovery los angeles Other flavors of Linux likely have the same problem.

Database yml In fact, building a CentOS image hosted by a newer CentOS host results in the same problem! Potential Solutions

• Obtain db*_load that match the Berkeley DB version for the version of CentOS being imaged, and add a conversion step during the Singularity bootstrap process.

• Perform a double bootstrap process: First build a base container containg CentOS (e.g. Database in excel import from docker) and then 2) use this image to build the final desired CentOS image. G info database You can run a container from within another container with Singularity as long as you are root when you do it.

• Go to a CentOS machine and create a basic singularity image, and copy this image to the Ubuntu machine. Database book Since such an image already has working /bin/sh, rpm, yum commands, and an RPM database with the correct version of Berkeley DB, a subsequent singularity bootstrap on this image can successfully run yum to update and add additional software to this image.

• Identify a CentOS machine with the same major version of CentOS you want to build. Q prime database Don’t use a CentOS-7 machine to build a CentOS-6 machine, because it won’t work. Top 10 data recovery tools (Building a CentOS-7 image on a CentOS-6 host works, but the RPM DB would actually be using an older version of Berkeley DB)

• Install Singularity on this host. Data recovery laptop Locate the centos.def file from the example/ directory. Data recovery flash drive Edit to your heart’s desire (eg change OSVersion).

• Unfortunately the file command provided by coreutils cannot give accurate version details of Berkeley DB used by the RPM database. Data recovery cost file /var/lib/rpm/Packages returns “version 9” in both CentOS 6 and 7.

• Unfortunately the db_dump command provided by db4-utils doesn’t help either. Data recovery galaxy s5 db_dump -p /var/lib/rpm/Packages | head -1 always returns “VERSION=3”, for RPM DB found natively in RHEL-6 and 7 hosts.

If building CentOS image from an Ubuntu host, one can seemingly use yum –releasever=6 to get yum to work and get a container to build. Database key field This kind of works, but some packages may be installed twice while others may not be consistent, since yum is not able to properly query the RPM database created in the first stage of the bootstrap process. Data recovery nashville This approach is NOT recommended for any long-lived container images.