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This talk summarizes the state of IoT security, specifically as it relates to Industrial Control and Energy. Database library When hearing the buzz-word “Internet of Things,” we typically think of the consumer world: smart toasters and connected fridges. Data recovery ssd However, there is a staggering number of networked embedded devices that perform life- and mission-critical tasks that our daily lives depend on. Data recovery on iphone We haven’t thought of these new types of devices as miniature computers that need the same care in deployment, management and protection as our servers, computers and mobile phones.

A data recovery tool This is a HUGE blind spot. Data recovery expert Embedded devices, such as ICS and SCADA systems, are the low-hanging fruit for potential attackers: They are fairly easy to compromise, are connected to high-value networks and detection often only happens after the fact. Data recovery jobs This talk will catalog our experiences at Senrio exploiting embedded system used in industrial control environments and discuss the reasons why these insecure design patterns exist; including business drivers and technology factors. Database concepts 6th edition We will share stories and anecdotes based on 10 years of research, training and consulting. Database kernel Attendees will get an inside view into how attackers operate and walk away knowing what to look for when future-proofing our industrial control systems.

DARPA hosted the Cyber Grand Challenge Final Event—the world’s first all-machine cyber hacking tournament—on August 4, 2016 in Las Vegas. Raid 5 data recovery software Starting with over 100 teams consisting of some of the top security researchers and hackers in the world, DARPA pit seven teams against each other during the final event. Data recovery pro During the competition, each team’s Cyber Reasoning System (CRS) automatically identified software flaws, and scanned a purpose-built, air-gapped network to identify affected hosts. Data recovery tools mac The design of this competition was a three year effort that carefully considered the need to promote DARPA’s research objectives while also ensuring the integrity of the competiton. Z wave database This talk is a behind the scenes look at the creation of that competition. Database orm We discuss how the design of the competition was meant to influence the behavior of the competitors as well as security measures, many of which were unknown to the competitors, which were implemented in order to ensure a fair competition.

Shane Magrath received a B.E degree from the University of New South in 1990 and a Ph.D degree from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2006. Database workbench He is currently a researcher in the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group, in Canberra ACT. Database best practices His interests are in software vulnerability discovery in general and more specifically, the methods by which we can automate at industrial scale software vulnerability assessments. Database schema He previously worked in DSTG as a military communications research with the goal of making network management as autonomous as possible.

Prior to completing the Ph.D, Dr Magrath had fifteen years experience in the ICT industry. Data recovery external hard drive He variously worked in network planning, design and construction of telecommunications networks. Database 1 to many In 1998, Dr Magrath worked as a senior network designer for a IT outsourcing company where he worked in many projects involving WAN Technologies, LAN switching, IP, SNA, and Network Management in the banking and finance industry. Data recovery galaxy s6 Later as a Solutions Architect, he worked on both pre-sales and post-sales projects in the banking and aviation industry.

Andrew Clark leads the threat intelligence capability in CERT Australia’s technical operations team. Os x data recovery software This role sees him working with a range of domestic and International partners to assess and share information about the latest cyber threats being faced in Australia. Database technology Andrew has extensive experience in the information security domain as a researcher, practitioner and consultant during his career. Database queries definition He has led large industry-sponsored projects in fields such as digital forensics, intrusion detection, DDoS attack mitigation and control systems security involving a range of sectors including telecommunications, energy and defence.

Simeon Simes heads up the tools and technologies capability at CERT Australia, Australia’s national computer emergency response team, providing advice and assistance to owners and operators of systems of national interest so they can better prevent, detect and respond to an increasingly hostile environment. Data recovery mac free One of his key responsibilities is to build and enhance the technical infrastructure utilised by the CERT.

Steve Miller joined Mandiant in 2013 as a threat analyst and continues his work in FireEye as a security strategist, leading incident response services and threat research – work that has directly led to the discovery of hundreds of intrusions and a handfull of 0-days.

Prior to joining Mandiant, Steve conducted research and special projects for federal government agencies the U.S. Data recovery phone Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Database normalization Department of State. Data recovery quote His work in these orgs included the development of new ways to perform mobile phone forensics and tailored evidence collection for use in law enforcement investigations. Database key types Steve’s other research includes the design and management of security emergency exercises, and most recently, a simulated international manhunt called the TAG Challenge, the results of which are now published in the Public Library of Science.

Steve began his career in security working with the U.S. Database instance Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at the National Security Agency (NSA) from 2002 to 2007. Data recovery raid 0 Throughout various roles at the INSCOM and NSA, Steve conducted signals intelligence missions in direct support of U.S. Data recovery tools counterterrorism ops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Digital Forensics from Champlain College in Vermont. Database programming languages In his spare time, he likes to ride his totally rad BMW F800GS motorcycle.

Geoff Carstairs is an incident responder and hunter at FireEye, where he specialises in detection and response for incidents involving nation state threat actors, some which have led to 0-day discovery. Super 8 database Geoff spends most of his time looking at network traffic and endpoint data to find evil, and currently leads the incident response team in Asia-Pacific and Japan.

During his time at IBM from 2005 to 2012, Geoff had a variety of roles including incident response, penetration testing, and leading the threat assessment and malware analysis team in Australia.